Sennheiser EW-DX – Now Available!

Sennheiser EW-DX – Now Available!

Sennheiser has announced that the first products from the much-anticipated digital wireless microphone series are shipping now in North America, EMEA, Japan, and Singapore. Available products include the EW-DX EM 2 two-channel receiver, the handheld transmitter – with or without a programmable mute switch – and the bodypack transmitter.

​Whether for rental companies, touring bands, theatres, worship or broadcasting – EW-DX will simplify workflows and bring an exciting feature set to any application. EW-DX offers the lowest latency on the market (1.9 milliseconds), eliminates the need for frequency calculation, and offers an ultra-wide input dynamic range of 134 dB, enabling your transmitters to handle any signal that is thrown at them. Their operating time is 12 hours with the BA 70 rechargeable battery, which will usually take you through rehearsals and the show or event itself. Operating time with standard AA batteries amounts to eight hours. Depending on the RF environment, the transmitters have a range of up to around 100 m, enough even for very generous stage layouts.



​EW-DX offers a choice of two bodypack transmitters – the EW-DX SK with a 3.5 mm jack for microphones and instrument cables, or the EW-DX SK 3-PIN for microphones with a special three-pin connector. The bodypacks can be used with any digital-proof Sennheiser clip-on and headset mic, the Neumann MCM system and digital-proof third-party microphones. The handheld microphone is also available in two versions: with a noiseless, programmable mute switch (EW-DX SKM-S) and without a switch (EW-DX SKM). The mute switch can be programmed as ‘off’, AF Mute, and RF Mute – the latter enabling you to change settings inaudibly or to keep a spare mic ready for use. A wide range of 14 Sennheiser and Neumann microphone heads (standard Sennheiser capsule interface) is available for the handheld. All transmitters feature a trim control so they can alternate on the same receiver channel – for example when multiple guitars are used – and still have the same level on the mixing desk. For guitarists and bassists who do not want to miss that typical cable sound, the EW-DX SK bodypack offers a three-step cable emulation.

Visit the official website of Sennheiser for more information about this product series!

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