Shai class officially released for Black Desert Online

Shai class officially released for Black Desert Online

Today, the Shai class has been officially released on Black Desert Online as the 18th playable class. This is the first class that is specialized in life skills and supportive abilities.

Alongside this new class, a trio of special donkeys has been added to the game (Derome, Cherose, and Vallet). These offer the Shai class special benefits. To celebrate the release of the new class and the donkeys, players will receive a 50% Mount EXP boost after the 26th maintenance. The release of Shai also sees a special event where players can decide how to play this new class by choosing one of the three given paths. These paths correspond to the archetypal playstyles that are unique to Black Desert Online and offer players a more thematic approach to begin a new adventure.

The event that will earn new players a free copy of the game by reaching level 50 before the end of the event on the 10th of July is still on.

You can check out the special extended Shai class trailer below.



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