Simulator games – why do they exist?

Simulator games have become an increasingly popular genre of video games in the 21st century. Playing games where you are a driver of a truck, basketball player, or even a goat has been very attractive for gamers.

Simulators have evolved significantly and acquired decent graphics, solid interface and nice gameplay. They vary from sports to hunting. But here goes the main question – what is the idea behind simulator games? Why do they exist? In this article, we will provide possible reasons why they enjoy such huge popularity among players.

Simulators improve decision making

This reason may seem a bit weird, but playing strategy games even if they are based on wars helps a person develop decision-making skills. Yes, you might order your army to destroy your enemies, create buildings virtually, but in the end, it could be helpful in real life to make decisions about your job, studies. In essence, in simulator games and especially if it is a strategy you rely on yourself – you always try to make a correct decision which eventually prevails in your real life as well.

Simulators help you master a game better

In this particular case, we are talking about board games and casino games, which also have tremendous popularity among players. When you play a poker simulator, you learn basic principles and concepts. You have no fear that you will lose real money; thus you are more open to learning.

Regarding this matter, a very interesting survey was carried out in Canada, the country which is considered to be one of the leaders in the online casino industry. The board of a casino online Canada decided to research how their customers learned to play poker. You know such surveys are typical for gambling industries. According to their research, almost 60 percent of the players declared, they acquired playing skills and strategy with the help of poker simulators. They were so instructive and nice to play that they decided to move to real poker.

The current fact goes to board games as well, such as chess. With chess simulators, players have the possibility to develop their opening, middlegame, and endgame strategies.

Simulators help us achieve our desires

It goes without saying that in simulators, we can create the versions of ourselves we want to be. Some people see simulators as a means to achieve their goals, and it especially goes to people who lack confidence. Take, for example, Sims – a simulator that turned the whole simulator world upside down and is considered to be one of the best simulators of all time. You live an ordinary life, create a person, have a good house and choose your own lifestyle. Players see it as a way to ignore the real-life temporarily and immerse themselves in a virtual world. Sometimes it leads to terrible results, and players cannot pull themselves out from simulators.

Simulators are close to realism

Imagine you want to become a pilot. But of course, no one will let you sit in the pilot’s seat unless you get the license and get proper knowledge. What can you do? The first thing that comes to your mind is downloading a flight simulator, which contains the elements of realism. And this is the thing that distinguishes simulators from most games – they are so realistic that players sometimes have misperceptions about the real world. They think it is the same as driving a real plane or a real car.


The ability of simulators to recreate the real world has had a massive impact on gamers. Nowadays, it is easy to download them and feel the real-life experience. However, in some cases, it causes many problems, where the players become so attached, it is difficult to reduce the dependence on a particular game.

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