Ski Safari: Adventure Time – Review
Follow Genre: Endless runner
Developer: Cartoon Network
Publisher: Cartoon Network
Platforms: iOS, Android

Ski Safari: Adventure Time – Review

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Good: Suited for all ages, easy to play, great soundtrack, fair micro-transactions system
Bad: Mission system does not add a lot of replay value and are not always clear
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Ski Safari: Adventure Time is an iOS game based on Cartoon Networks’ Adventure Time. This also implies it has ties to Ski Safari, an older flash game that was also turned into a mobile game.  Let’s see if the new theme did the game any good.



As Ski Safari: Adventure Time is an endless runner game, not much is to be expected story-wise. Fans of the Adventure Time cartoon however will see loads of their favourite characters pop up. The main character with who you play is Finn, other characters throughout the game include Jake, Merceline and Rainicorns.


Ski Safari looks like a game based on a cartoon should look like. Besides that, it also runs very smoothly without any hiccups or frame rate drops, even on older devices. The environments and characters have a certain liveliness to them which is mainly thanks to the bright colours, similar to the series.



What stands out here is the game’s soundtrack: a very cool retro track which will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. The game also has some pretty good sound effects which adds to the overall experience. The voices of the characters, little catch-phrases are used throughout the game, also seem to be the same as the original Adventure Time series.


Often the simplest game tend to be the most successful ones. Ski Safari: Adventure Times’ controls are a testimony to that. You can play most of the game using just one finger. Like in the original Ski Safari, you’re goal is to stay ahead of the incoming avalanche. Instead of using ski’s however, Finn slides down on his bum. Tapping the screen will make Finn jump up, which is needed to avoid the boulders blocking your way. Knocking into them will result in you crashing head first into the snow which slows you down thus allowing the avalanche to catch up. If the avalanche catches up, it’s game over.

Of course you are not alone, various Adventure Time characters are there to help you out. Running into one of those will put you on their back. Each character has its own effect, expect speed boosts and increased protection against boulders. Some characters even allow you to fly periodically. It’s also possible to have multiple characters with you at the same time resulting in some pretty interesting situations where you might be riding a wolf with a penguin sitting behind you and a jelly bean in front of you. Your score basically keeps adding up depending on the distance you have travelled and coins you have collected. Tapping for a longer time while in the air will also allow you to do backflips which also adds extra points to the score. Together with the score there’s a multiplier which increases your speed but will end when you hit something.


There are some features in place to try and keep you interested into the game. First is a daily mission which will give you extra coins for collecting a couple of items every day. Second is a mission structure. By doing specific tasks, you will gain stars. Three stars allow you to level up, increasing the limit of the multiplier meter. While it’s a feature commonly found in this type of games, it was frustrating at times which mainly has to do with poor explanation of what you have to do. The biggest problem usually was that I didn’t really know which character was meant in a specific task. There’s also the store. Here you’ll be able to spent the coins you collected. Things you can buy are different environments, basically different skins of the default level with some new twists, new costumes for Finn, a second playable character and temporary power-ups. Through micro transactions, you are able to buy packs of coins and gems. Gems will allow you to keep going when you’ve been caught by the avalanche. This micro-transaction system though feels balanced as even the gems can be earned in the game by collecting treasure chests. You can also buy a perk through a micro-transaction which will double the amount of coins you earn permanently but everything else can be earned without having to spend real money.


Ski Safari: Adventure Time is a game suited for all ages. It’ll provide entertainment and distraction without being overly addictive. The in game micro-transaction system is fair and you can quite easily play the game and unlock everything without having to spend extra money. Only drawbacks are the missions which sometimes are a hassle to complete and a more in-depth upgrades system would have added some more replay value.


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Ski Safari: Adventure Time - Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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