Skyforge takes players to new horizons

Skyforge takes players to new horizons

Continuing the events of previous expansions, Skyforge takes players to an entirely new planet called Terra. As players expand to ‘New Horizons’ and visit this exotic planet. Players will have to develop the land, eliminate threats and collect information when they are heading towards Terra. ‘New Horizons’ is available now for PC and will land later today on PS4 and April 11th on Xbox One.

Upon arrival to Terra, players will have to study the new planet, unveiling all of its mysteries, reinforcing their base and launch programs to change the world around them. Programs are a new game mechanic that allows players to manage the development of Terra and unlock new rewards.

The exciting milestone for Skyforge also brings:

  • Large in-game map to date: Terra is a new world, full of ruined overgrown cities, jungles and wastelands.
  • New Draconid race: The Draconids are strong and dangerous creatures that can interfere with the development of the new planet.
  • New Interface: Returning players will find it easier to get back into the action as the interface makes searching for relevant activities easier.
  • Changes to scaling and dive specializations: A revamped scaling and divine specialization system minimizing the daunting task for newcomers and returning players to catch up with their friends.

You can also watch the Skyforge: New Horizons trailer below


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