Slipstream is out now for all consoles

Slipstream is out now for all consoles

Indie publisher BlitWorks and solo developer ansdor are happy to announce that their arcade racer Slipstream is now available on Xbox, PlayStation 4|5 and Nintendo Switch for 9.99 USD or 8.99 EUR|GBP. Slipstream recreates techniques used on 80s and 90s racing games to bring the authentic retro experience to modern hardware.

Slipstream offers up to 4 players split-screen multiplayer with unique mechanics such as time rewinding, drifting, slipstream, and game speed adjustment to alter the flow of the classic formula. Additionally, the game includes 20 different tracks, 6 game modes each with its own gimmicks, and a slew of different cars.

“With incredibly responsive controls, learnable and memorable tracks, and five very different cars, you soon find a formula that works for you. The sign of arcade gaming excellence is losing but placing the blame at your own feet, rather than the game’s mechanics–and that’s what Slipstream pretty much nails.” Said Matt Gardner from Forbes.


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