Snakebyte STARTER:KIT & CARRY:BAG – Accessory Reviews
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Developer: Snakebyte
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Platform: Switch

Snakebyte STARTER:KIT & CARRY:BAG – Accessory Reviews

Good: Affordable, Looks good
Bad: CARRY:BAG is a bit too soft if you travel a lot
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Not that long ago we took a look at Snakebyte’s tiny headset for the Nintendo Switch, even though it could easily be used for other devices as well. Nonetheless, Snakebyte won us over by presenting a whole lot of quality and some fun features for a very low price. Today we’ll take a look at two of their accessory sets, which might be of interest to you, if you still need some protective gear for your Switch device.



First up we have the STARTER:KIT, which pretty much covers all the basic needs you have when you unpack your Switch. This set will include a pair of earphones, a cleaning cloth, a screen protector, controller caps (small rubber things you can use to protect the joysticks of your controllers), a game case for loose carts and last but not least a hard shell to store your Switch in.

We reckon things like the earphones, the cleaning cloth and the screen protector are rather self-explanatory, thus we’ll mainly be looking at the controller caps, the game case and of course the Switch case.

The controller caps are made out of a soft rubber, and can be stretched around the joysticks of the Joy-Con controllers, thus protecting said joysticks from scratches and so on. They don’t really increase the grip, but they make the sticks a bit thicker, allowing players with big hands to have a bit of extra feeling with the joysticks.


Having a small case to store games is always useful when you’re on the road a lot, and the tiny case that is included in this package can store up to four games, which sounds like only a very small amount, but when looking at the Switch’s release titles, you’ll still have empty spots in your case. The case is made out of a transparent plastic, is quite sturdy and will certainly provide ample protection for your cartridges.

The zipper enclosed case will be able to comfortably store your Switch, which is neatly kept in place thanks to the two ‘rubber bands’ that are sewn to each side of the case. In this main compartment, there’s also a small netted area in which you can store your earphones, the tiny game case, the cleaning cloth and so on. The best part about the case is actually that it’s rock hard, and can withstand a decent amount of pressure, making it a worthy travel companion.


If all of the above sounds like a bit too much, or you already purchased a screen protector, cases for your games and so on, the CARRY:BAG is probably more up your alley. Truth be told the CARRY:BAG is useful for those who wish to store their Switch in a safe environment at home, if you’re a mobile player, or if you already own a decent backpack with ample padding or sturdy materials, making sure you’ll only need this somewhat softer carrying bag.

The main zipper enclosed compartment will allow you to store the device with the controllers attached to it, while the front pocket, which is also zipper enclosed, allows you to store a few smaller items such as a small case with your games, a cleaning cloth, or some earphones if needed. Keep in mind, unlike the case from the STARTER:KIT, the CARRY:BAG is made out of a soft material, and thus will not provide protection from (low) falls, or a reasonable amount of pressure.

Snakebyte CARRY BAG


Depending on your needs, both the STARTER:KIT and the CARRY:BAG have their plus sides, but to get the most out of your investment, we believe the STARTER:KIT is the best out of the two options, if you’re still looking for the basic accessories for your Switch device, as well as a sturdy case to store it in, when you travel a lot. If you only use the switch at home, and you want to keep it safe, the CARRY:BAG will suffice, especially if you’ve already bought a screen protector when Nintendo’s new device launched.

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Snakebyte STARTER:KIT & CARRY:BAG - Accessory Reviews, 8.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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