Snow Horse – Review
Follow Genre: Action, Casual, Indie, Simulation, Sports
Developer: KinifiGames LLC
Publisher: KinifiGames LLC
Platforms: PC, Mac, iOS
Tested on: PC

Snow Horse – Review

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A horse on a snowboard is not something you see every day and if you did you’d probably call the animal protection society. However, in video games it’s totally okay to do that, and that’s exactly what KinifiGames LLC did: making a snowboarding game with a horse. It’s pretty safe to say that it won’t come anywhere near the quality of a game like SSX.

snow horse


In Snow Horse, you play as a horse that rides a snowboard. That’s literally all there is to it. There’s no story, no dialogue, no backstory or anything else story related. That doesn’t really matter though because the game is meant to be a game where you just play for a very limited amount of time and then never look at it again, it’s not to be taken seriously so a story shouldn’t be expected at all.


The graphics in Snow Horse are pretty mediocre at best, there’s some landscape here and there but mostly it’s just snow and ramps. Your horse can also be customized to make it look funny, but other than that it’s not amazing in any way. Just like the Steam page says, it’s a snowboarding horse game, it can run on anything.

SNOWHORSE 2016-08-13 19-56-16-89


One thing that was really surprising in Snow Horse is the music. There’s a couple of different tracks in the game and some of them fit perfectly with the silly nature of the gameplay. Sound effects aren’t really to be found in the game except for when you land wrong and your horse dies/falls of its snowboard, but other than that you completely rely on the music for sound.


Snow Horse is a horse snowboarding experience you’ve never seen before, probably because it’s the first time anyone thought of putting a horse on a snowboard.

The game is extremely simple to play, you use WASD for spinning around and IJKL for tricks, that’s the only thing you need to do in this game. You go forward automatically and you just have to do tricks and land properly in order to get score.

SNOWHORSE 2016-08-13 20-00-22-80

Right now, there are five maps you can choose from to play. There’s Bunny Hill, Big Air, Avalanche, North Slope and Mountain. The goal of every map is the same, you just try to get to the end while getting as much score as possible by doing tricks. Snow Horse also features Steam Achievements, but it doesn’t seem like any achievements have been added yet, so maybe it’s a placeholder for future updates… It does have leaderboards though, so you can compete with other players around the globe and get the highest score you can by being a more rad horse than them.

Other than that, the only other element that is present in the game is customization. In this menu you can give your horse a hat, change the snowboard and change the scarf color, because of course your horse is wearing a scarf!


All jokes aside, Snow Horse is meant to be a bit of a joke and shouldn’t be taken seriously by anyone that even considers buying the game. While the developer says it’s a joke, it’s still pretty highly priced, as there are loads of games out there which are way better for that price. All in all, Snow Horse is fun to play for like an hour, but you shouldn’t see yourself making this your go-to game.

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Snow Horse - Review, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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