Song of Horror: Episode 3 – Review
Follow Genre: survival horror adventure
Developer: Protocol Games
Publisher: Raiser Games
Platforms: PC
Tested on: PC

Song of Horror: Episode 3 – Review

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If popular TV series have learned us anything, it’s that episodic release of new content can be extremely addictive. If the first episode is captivating and ends with a cliffhanger, you’ll be eagerly waiting for the next on. We can definitely say that the first two episodes of Song of Horror that we were able to test, piqued our interest. The game was certainly able to keep us up at night for two reasons: It’s so scary but you can’t look away because it has an interesting story. If you want to know more you can find our in-depth review of the first two episodes right here.

Song of Horror is a survival horror adventure in its purest form. If you got a scare out of the first episodes then you’ll be in for a treat now. To briefly summarize the events that started it all, we must return to the Husher mansion. In the opening cinematic we see a music box starting to play on its own and an ominous black smoke coming from the box. A man runs in through the door and attempts to close the box, everything fades to black and we can only assume he was too late.

When a famous writer called Sebastion P. Husher fails to deliver his latest work, Daniel is sent to figure out what is going on. It quickly becomes clear that this is the same house as the intro. He finds an empty house and gets trapped in it by the eldritch horror that now haunts the house. He is rescued at the end of the first episode. Sadly we don’t yet know the faith of Sebastion P. Husher and his family but we can only imagine that it’s not good. Some clues are found that lead us to a creepy antique store where we uncover an important piece of information about the eldritch entity haunting the music box.

As Husher and his family are still missing, we continue the investigation in his place of work, the State University of Arts and Humanities. This is also the last place he was seen before his disappearance. The location is just ideal for this nightly episode as it takes place in a large building with plenty of small dark corridors, dusty basements, and failing lights.

Encountering the eldritch entity head-on is not a good idea and will more often than not lead to the demise of the character you’re playing with. While in the two first episodes the creature was relatively passive, it kicked its presence up a notch in the third episode and will more actively seek to thwart your investigation as you draw closer to its origin.

From a gameplay perspective, the game still plays pretty much the same. Just like in the first episodes you get to choose from several characters to play with. There is a fresh batch of characters differing from the cast you could pick during the first episodes, as some might not have made it out alive. These new characters have a strong connection with the State University of Arts and Humanities such as Omar Nassiri, Husher’s coworker, and Grace Richards, Husher’s pupil. If a character perishes, you pick another one to continue the investigation. If you have no more characters left you must restart the entire episode.


Song of Horror: Episode 3 is a great addition to Episode 1 and 2. They managed to create another excellent creepy location. The eldritch presence is a lot more active this time around, which will certainly keep you on the edge of your seat. We are looking forward to the continuation of this great survival horror adventure.

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Song of Horror: Episode 3 – Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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