Song of Horror – Fourth episode coming soon!

Song of Horror – Fourth episode coming soon!

The penultimate chapter of Song of Horror is launching soon!

The fourth episode, The Last Concert, will be the biggest episode of Song of Horror and will bring more horror greatness in 2020.

Unlike most horror games in this era, Song of Horror doesn’t rely only on jumpscares, it actually uses the same atmosphere classic horror games used. Players will fear the unexpected entity which is known as The Presence, it actually adapts and reacts to the way they play. This episode will take inspiration from Amnesia: The Dark Descent, which is a more recent known horror adventure game. The fourth episode is set in an incredibly haunted place: St. Cecilia’s Abbey, which is designed by real architects. The abbey is incredibly big and intricate and will take players more than 8 hours to finish. Its size is three times bigger than the main location of the first episode, giving players the ability to explore until their hearts are content.

“We’re in the final stretch, and Episode 4 ramps the tension up somewhat – just as you might expect,” offers Carlos Grupeli, founder of Protocol Games, the studio behind Song of Horror. “It’s an emotional time for the studio. After two cracks at Kickstarter and a fair few more humps in the road along the way, everything is coming together. There’s still so much more to come, too. We have the fifth and final episode coming in just a couple of months, and then PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gamers can take on the entire game in one run when it hits console later in the year. It’s going to be a big year. ”

In the fourth episode, you’ll meet a new character called Ernest Finnegan who is a renowned archaeologist and a dear friend of Husher. You’ll discover what happened to the monks who interpreted the cursed song in the macabre St. Cecilia’s Abbey. Players will face the diverse manifestations of The Presence who is now more powerful than ever before.

The first episode from Song Of Horror is now available on Steam.  The second, third and fourth (when it releases) episode can be purchased either individually or as part of the season pass which will later on also unlock the fifth and last episode.

We already reviewed Song of Horror Episode 1&2 and Episode 3, check them out here and here.

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