Space Cats Tactics: a turn-based space opera

Space Cats Tactics: a turn-based space opera

Raise your shields and prepare for a warp jump, because today Mitzi Games is presenting the space opera turn-based tactical RPG Space Cats Tactics. Mixing grid- and turn-based tactical combat with inside-ship crew management. As the roguish space cat Captain Mitzi, you will fight in nerve-wracking space combat against all kinds of enemy ships between asteroids, huge motherships, and clouds of cosmic gas — but you will also have to manage your crew while you do it, choosing which parts of the ship to operate to take advantage of its different capabilities.

Your species, a hybrid of feline and man, was created by humans as a caste of slave warriors; but eventually, catkind managed to break your chains and liberate itself. Still despised and feared, you are great warriors and pilots, but your people do jobs no one wants. For example, your current job is to smuggle a spaceship to a remote corner of the galaxy, with the government army chasing you, facing almost impossible odds!

On top of all this, Space Cats Tactics offers an epic tale of struggle and conflict in the best tradition of space opera, where your choices and dialogues will shape the story of Captain Mitzi. It’s up to you if you try to be diplomatic or gun-toting if you become a hero or a pirate.

You can learn more by checking out the gameplay trailer right here!

After a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, Mitzi Games has released a free demo of Space Cats Tactics that you can play now on Steam!

Key features:

  • Fight nerve-wracking space battles in turn-based tactical combat. Your ship and crew will be outnumbered and outgunned – you’ll have to be smarter than your enemies to beat them!
  • React to dynamic conditions in every battle: parts of your ship catching fire, clouds of flammable cosmic gas standing in your way, blowing asteroids up to mine resources… No two battles will be alike, and you’ll need to be creative to adapt to every situation!
  • Deep combat system: put your tactical skills to the test in grid-based battle maps. Choose how to spend your Action Points between many different kinds of weapons and attacks, special abilities, and consumables.
  • Manage your cat crew: send your crew of space cats to different special rooms in your spaceship, activating different abilities that allow you to adapt to different tactical situations. A cat in the right place can make the difference between victory and defeat!
  • Two strategic layers: zoom in and out of the spaceship in real-time, switching between the space combat layer and the management.

Customize your ship by buying new rooms and upgrading them to gain new abilities. Adapt it to your playstyle or experiment with different configurations so every playthrough is unique!

  • Explore deep space: marvel at the wonders of deep space flying through clouds of gas, mining asteroids for resources you can sell, helping ships in trouble, or boarding derelicts in random NPC encounters.
  • Dive into a thrilling space opera story, an epic tale of just heroes, charming rogues, and evil villains, full of witty dialogues and choices where every encounter has different outcomes for you to write your own story.
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