Spook your opponents and compete in high tension racing

Spook your opponents and compete in high tension racing

The spooky new Grand Prix season launches this Friday at 4 pm for Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled. It will add tons of brand-new content, like a new track, new characters, new items and even a new challenge for you to complete. This consists of finding and smashing into special chests during your races. These chests contain trapped ghosts, and it is your job to pursue and capture them if you dare.

Other new content includes:

  • A terrifying trio – play as Nina Cortex, Dr. N. Brio and Komodo Moe
  • Don’t get stuck in the nightmare – a brand new track inside the mind of the twisted Nina Cortex
  • Three new carts – Nautilus, Phantom and Skull Rider
  • New (and returning) creepy pit-stop items – deck out your kart to suit your taste with these cool cosmetics
  • Climb the leaderboards

Besides all this awesome stuff, there will also be some permanent updates to the game, these include:

  • Switching driving style
  • Wumpa time for everyone
  • Changes to Warp Orbs and N. Tropy Clocks
  • The Lost Cup

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