Stayin’ Alive – Preview
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Developer: IndieGala
Publisher: IndieGala
Platform: PC
Tested on: PC

Stayin’ Alive – Preview

Good: very fun easy gameplay, looks and sounds very nice, cool concept
Bad: empty servers
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This might be a touchy subject but there is no denying into it. We all grow old, and while most of us will still be healthy when we are in our old days, others will be less fortunate. Some elderly just want to rest in peace and think about euthanasia, but this is not as easy as you might think.


Suicidal grandparents would have been a funny title for this game, but as a marketing standpoint it would have been a bit too rude. That’s why Stayin’ Alive feels like a better pun for the medics to keep these disorderly elders in place and more importantly: alive. In a world where the old have no simple option of ‘pulling the plug’ they must do the gruesome deed themselves. Naturally a dead customer isn’t a paying one, so the caretakers must ensure to hide the dangerous tools, get them to isolation or if they are too late, treat them with the right care.

To make something as graphic as taking your own life look doable while not making every player’s stomach turn each time it is done, the developers have opted for a more smoother and funny approach in the title. This makes it all look like a Saturday morning cartoon just like Itchy and Scratchy. The visuals are very colorful and lively and this makes the mood all better. There are currently three venues: Hospital, Spa and Catacombs. Hospital feels like a normal map, Spa is a real holiday location that feels like summer and relaxations and Catacombs a dark, underground and scary place. So the current options all have different and unique vibes to them.

staying alive 2

Something else that does a whole lot about the mood of the game is the music. A jolly and happy melody plays around embracing the whole cartoon feel of the game. Each venue has their own music style to create the right atmosphere. In the music category this game scores big, and also when it comes to the sound effects you notice all the effort put into it. Each Suicider (that is grandma or grandpa) rolls around in their trusty wheelchair with the rumbling of the wheels and rattling of the spokes. The Saviors (nurses) are also accompanied by the sound of footsteps and the squeaking of their sneakers. Items all have their own sound effects and feel just right. You are playing with humans and that’s why it’s also important to, when they finally want to die, you hear them scream out in pain or gladly waiting for the moment to happen.

The game is all about two teams competing for the highest score. The Suiciders get points by (you guessed it) successfully committing the gruesome deed. The Saviors on their part score when they successfully stop someone from ending their lives. Behind this cool idea lies a great scavenging hunt and crafting trip. One team needs to search around the various parts scattered around the map, with a handy guide in place to show you what needs to be combined in order to end your life. Some weapons only need two parts while others need three, so using both hands is mandatory. The other team has the healing items and got an instruction guide what to use to treat which ailment. Use your hands and head, in each hand you can hold an object and throw or hide it as you please, mislead the other team in order to achieve victory.

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Stayin’ alive is a really neat game with fun and simple gameplay elements that will keep you hooked for some time and with this initial tryout we are pleased with the things we saw. The game looks and sounds the part, with still empty servers but these are filled up by bots. The concept is one to be enjoyed and the more cartoonish approach causes this game to be a cool joke for everyone and not too graphic for the faint of heart.

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Rating: 7.0/10 (2 votes cast)
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Stayin' Alive – Preview, 7.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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