Streaming though HTC’s RE camera!

Streaming though HTC’s RE camera!

HTC has been a leader in mobile devices for a time now, and today they have introduced the function of streaming through Youtube Live directly through the newest RE camera. Users will be able to record every moment through the camera and connect it to their YouTube-account.

Users of the newest RE camera will be able to record sharp video’s, while sharing it with their family and friends at the same time. Thanks to the big lens and the small size of the RE camera users will be able to never miss a single moment and together with the possibility of saving it on a microSD-card, they will be able to store them on your mobile phone or cloud-system.

The clips that you make with the camera can be directly shared to your smartphone while your smartphone sends it to your YouTube channel. Users will invite people to watch the channel by sharing the broadcast through a phone message or social networking services like Facebook.Even when the broadcast ends, friends and family will be able to watch the broadcast on the channel.

Viewers are not required to have a Youtube-channel, as the livestreams will be put in a public mode in order to allow YouTube users to watch the show. Aside from that you can also activate the Private mode, where only people who have received the link will be able to see the broadcast.

The software-update for the RE camera-app willl be available for download starting the 9th of January for Android, while iOS users will need to wait until the first quarter of the year.

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