Super Dungeon Maker now out on Steam and Switch

Super Dungeon Maker now out on Steam and Switch

Independent game developer, Monster Tooth Studios, has announced the upcoming release of their latest game, Super Dungeon Maker. The game is set to release on June 22, 2023, for Nintendo Switch and PC priced at $19.99. Super Dungeon Maker allows players to create and customize their own levels using an intuitive level editor.

The game combines the ease of use of a level editor with dungeon exploration, since players will be able to experience their own creations or play levels made by others. Featuring a wide range of customization options, from layout and scenery to enemies and items, players can create challenging puzzles, intricate mazes, or simple hack-and-slash levels. The game also includes a variety of character classes and abilities, allowing players to create their own unique hero and tackle their custom levels.

In addition to the level editor, Super Dungeon Maker includes a campaign mode with a range of pre-made levels for players to explore. The campaign mode features a charming pixel-art style and a lighthearted story that will keep players engaged as they explore the depths of the dungeons.

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