Super Magbot – Review
Follow Genre: Platforming, Puzzle
Developer: Astral Pixel
Publisher: Team17
Platform: Switch, PC
Tested on: Switch

Super Magbot – Review

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Magnets are truly fascinating; hold them one way and they attract, hold them the other way, and they push each other away. In Super Magbot you will master the power of magnets to traverse the different planets and stop the evil menace that is threatening the life of many inhabitants in the solar system. Will you be able to collect all the fragments and solve the many puzzles that the game has? Strap yourself in because we are going on a 16-bit adventure with our robot friend.


For the first time ever, the magnetic forces of the universe equalized and the Magnetia star emerged, enlightening the darkness of the universe. The meteor magnets ejected from the star fell on the surrounding planets. The ones scattered on the surface acquired different shapes and properties, but those that reached the core of each planet became fragments of immense power. Unfortunately, this great power was discovered by Magsteroid, an evil meteoroid that wants to consume the power of the fragments. Guided by his lust for power, he set his trajectory to the Magnetia star. To save the planets from destruction, the people of planet Magtek send a magnetic hero to collect the fragments and alter the course of the evil Magsteroid to save everyone.

Besides the lore-filled intro, you will find short pieces of the story at the first and last mission of each planet. These short snippets are a nice addition and after clearing each planet, there is a short update on the evil Magsteroid’s actions (and it isn’t pretty). There isn’t much actual story progress but the story and lore just feel right for this nice puzzle platforming game.


The game looks and feels like a blast from the past. The graphics are inspired by the 16-bit era and are nicely rendered to look amazing on modern television and monitors. The PC version runs at a really high frame rate, while the Switch version is limited to something a bit lower but still runs very smoothly. Each planet has its own biome and while it all may seem colorful, you can fall prey to some cleverly disguised traps on the map. A little bonus for the Blue/Red Switch users, the colors of the magnets are corresponding with your Joy-Cons.


While playing the game, you will be vibing with the amazing soundtrack playing throughout the levels and menus. A retro-futuristic Midi soundtrack blasts through the speakers, differing between the planets to bring you a more immersive feeling. There are some simple sound effects during the gameplay but they are easily overshadowed by the loud music playing in the background.


Super Magbot is a platforming puzzle game where you must collect fragments on different planets to restore the power in the universe. Each planet changed a bit when the fragment pieces landed and everyone is out to collect them for their own selfish needs. The game is divided into four different planets and each one has its own unique biome that alters the gameplay. Some planets will have a slippery surface, while others are fiery hot or have changing magnet pads. Each planet has 26 levels, a boss fight, and an extra set of stages when fully completing the base run. This gives the game a lot of content so it will take some time to beat the game in its entirety.

The goal is simple: collect the fragment in each level, while dodging the many traps in place. When the people of Magtek built Magbot they forgot one thing, the ability to jump. Luckily, this isn’t a problem because you can use your magnetic powers to push or pull your way to the objective. Scattered around the map are red and blue pads, and these can be used to push or pull yourself towards the next pad or clearing. Some panels will disappear or discharge when you hit them, so a bit of careful planning is needed. Your own red and blue magnets only hold two charges, so don’t forget to land in time or else you can get in a bad situation.

The game was designed to be a challenge, but if you are hopelessly stuck then you can always activate various assists to make your life easier. There are three that can be activated separately and these are the ability to hover in the air while falling, having infinite magnet charges, and implementing checkpoints on the map. The only downside to these assists is that your time gets invalidated for the leaderboards. Nonetheless, if you just want to play through the game then these can be a real help.

Controlling the game is really simple, you only need to control your movement and aim, while using two buttons for your magnets. Your character responds really smoothly to given commands, yet sometimes you need to perfectly position yourself to clear some harder jumps which can be a frustrating effort of trial and error.


Super Magbot is a fun game that uses the mechanics of magnetism and also combines both platforming and puzzle elements in a game with over 100 levels. If the base game proves to be too hard, you can always use assists to make things a bit easier. The story is nice and gives the player a proper backstory of what was going on in the world of Super Magbot. With the amazing 16-bit graphics and Midi music you get teleported back thirty years, but with modern-day standards clearly kept in mind. The only downside is that the game can be pretty hard without the assists, which could lead to frustration if you are a completionist.

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Super Magbot – Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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