Supernatural: Season 12 (DVD) – Series Review
Follow Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Horror
Distributor: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
Episodes: 23
Duration: 44 min (per episode)

Supernatural: Season 12 (DVD) – Series Review

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If you were lacking some paranormal events in your life, do not fear. The twelfth season from the popular sci-fi series Supernatural has been released and the Winchesters are back for some more ass-kicking action. A lot of different events are taking place, which makes the story rather interesting. Are you ready for some weird happenings?

Supernatural - Season 12

If you didn’t watch season eleven yet, you might get some spoilers in the upcoming section, so please be aware of this. In the last episode, Dean (Jensen Ackles) united God (Rob Benedict) with his sister Amara (Emily Swallow) and as a gift, she wanted to give Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean something they held dear. Upon waking up, Dean is not alone. It seems that his mother is back from the dead, which really blows Dean’s mind. Mary (Samantha Smith) herself is also rather confused, especially because she has missed so many years. Upon arriving in the bunker, Sam is gone and Castiel (Misha Collins) is missing as well. It’s not for long before the angel finds his way home but they don’t have any trace of the lost brother. After a while, it seems that the British Men of Letters are stepping on American turf, although the first meeting isn’t that pleasant thanks to Toni Bevell (Elizabeth Blackmore). The leader Mick Davies (Adam Fergus) wants to make amends but it seems like they have a double agenda as agent Ketch (David Haydn-Jones) is also on his way to help clean up. If that isn’t enough, Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) is still on the loose and going rampant all over the place. Even more, it seems that an even bigger danger is threatening the world, which doesn’t really help the cause.

Supernatural - Season 12

As you might expect, things get chaotic quite fast and the troubles inside the family aren’t that easy to handle as well. At one time it might look like they have scored a win on their part, but then something else happens which tears the duo down again. At any rate, this season might be the most emotional-wrecking and thrilling one of the series. In previous seasons, there were quite some episodes that revolved around exterminating monsters from the world, without much ties to the rest of the story but less is true in this season. You’re constantly dragged in-between the several subjects and although there is some monster-killing, it all has its effect on the bigger picture. You desperately need to know what is going to happen next as the story is that intense. Also, the bonding between the three family members is rather important and you will see Dean and Sam in a totally different way. Both need to process the return of their mom and they have their own ways to do it.

Acting wise, this season really is just majestic. All the characters really had a lot to go through and the actors were able to perform this nicely. Of course, the popular and familiar faces of Dean, Sam, Castiel and Crowley are still there, which is a reassurance at some part and gives some funny conversations while a lot of other hunters pass the venue as well. The British influence is also a nice extra bonus, although their presence might be less good for the Americans.

Supernatural - Season 12

As you might know, every season has some bonuses and it’s not different for this one. Next to the funny bloopers and deleted scenes, you’re also able to follow their panel on Comic-Con and get some extra details and history about several new elements in this series, like the influence and effect of Mary Winchester on this season’s story. Much to see and process!


With the 12th season, Supernatural is yet here for another spree of action-filled monster-killing episodes and it’s not that we don’t applaud it. The epic brother duo is back to kick ass with their newly found family member and comrades. All these changes make this season a more emotional one and it’ll grasp your attention from the start by sucking you in. Small warning though, you might want to keep some hankies close by as some plot twists might take you by surprise.

Supernatural - Season 12

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Supernatural: Season 12 (DVD) – Series Review, 8.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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