Switchblade Battle Pass launches, new support vehicle also added

Switchblade Battle Pass launches, new support vehicle also added

The first Battle Pass for Lucid Games’ Switchblade is now available. With the pass, players of the free-to-play team-based vehicle action MOBA can work through a series of tiers in order to unlock exclusive items. New daily challenges and in-game incentives also make sure there’s always a reason to jump into the fray. In addition, the new vehicle, called The Angel is part of the Switchblade Battle Pass progression system and will be available for all users to unlock and level up for free, unlike previous vehicles.

Aside from being built into The Switchblade Battle Pass progression system from the ground up, The Angel is the 19th addition to Switchblade’s sci-fi vehicle roster and the 4th support class vehicle to enter the battle arena. It has the following abilities:

Main WeaponPulse Repeater – Fires a burst of plasma projectiles at nearby enemies.

Primary Ability Sanctuary – The Angel gains damage immunity for a limited time. Abilities cannot be used for the duration of this time period.

Secondary Ability Divinity- Boosts the power of The Angel’s Healing Aura.

Super Weapon Guardian – Rapidly restores health of all nearby allies. Once unleashed, players will become invulnerable but will move slower and be unable to use abilities. 

Passive Ability Radiance – All nearby allies will receive a small amount of healing.

Those that own the Switchblade Legendary Pack will receive access to The Angel for free immediately upon the Battle Pass launch. Other players that want to access the vehicle immediately instead of unlocking it through progression can do so by purchasing it in the in-game store.

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