Swordsman: Gilded Wasteland – Gameplay trailer announced

Swordsman: Gilded Wasteland – Gameplay trailer announced

The free-to-play martial arts MMORPG Swordsman is being expanded with its very first expansion, namely Swordsman: Gilded Wasteland. The expansion is set to launch on October 23th of this year. In Gilded Wasteland, players of Swordsman will be able to venture is three new zones and dungeons, with a bunch of new gear and end content.

Not only will the newest expansion feature new zones and dungeons, here’s a list of many new features that come with the expansion:

  • Level cap raised from level 89 to 94
  • Cross-server battlegrounds
  • Three new exotic wasteland zones, namely Ping Liang, Tunhuang and Shadow Mountain Plains
  • Three new dungeons
  • Updated companion system where you equip them more thoroughly for PvE
  • New gear and weapon crafting
  • Leveling improvements so you may level up faster than before

There are many more features but I advise you to simply look at the newest gameplay trailer of Swordsman: Gilded Wasteland.

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