Sydney’s new casino One Barangaroo named the best skyscraper in the world

Architecture and design are two things the world has taken great value. With the historical background that buildings and architecture have had in places like Greece, Rome, and Japan, the legacy has continued as more mind-blowing designs are prevalent. The city of Sydney has not been left out from the marvelous structures. Recently, a new casino in Australia called One Bangaroo was named the best skyscraper worldwide. In this piece, we will be exploring the architecture, uniqueness, and wonders of One Bangaroo.

Emporis skyscraper award

Before diving into One Bangaroo, the new casino hub, we need to acknowledge the body behind the award. Emporis is a company that has all the information you need to know about real estate and buildings. Different views and sightings are featured on their platform regularly.

Recently, the center of attention for Emporis has been skyscrapers. This has led to the establishment of the Emporis skyscraper award. This award began in 2000 and has been consistent since then in naming deserving buildings and architecture. The standards used to determine their toppers for each year are built in their unique aesthetic, and design. The One Bangaroo skyscraper has managed to meet these criteria even while containing its new casino.

One Bangaroo

One Bangaroo, otherwise known as Crowd Sydney is the best skyscraper worldwide. The structure also has its very own new casino. The inputs are as follows: 

  • Height: 890ft
  • The floor area: 146,500 m2
  • Year built: 2021
  • Location: in the heart of Bangaroo in South Wales, Australia

Hence, the location influenced the name. Bangaroo is known for its historical culture including, its architecture and development. 

One Bangaroo is a multiple-purpose building that comprises luxurious apartments, a hotel, and their new casino. It was not only crowned the best skyscraper worldwide. But it was also part of the top 5 buildings in Australia.

The initial plan for the building circulated in 2010, but construction did not begin till 2016 and concluded in 2020. Australian Billionaire – James Packer sent a proposal to Premier Barry O’ Farrel in 2012. This proposal was to construct a giant structure that would contain a new casino, a hotel, and a site for entertainment. James Packer is a businessman that owns a casino group named Crowns Resort.

One Bangaroo Design

One Bangaroo held a competition to ensure that it got the perfect design. This competition involved eight shortlisted entries from different firms, one of which would later be the design for the skyscraper. A jury was set up to deliberate and choose the design. 

The structure of the building was nature-inspired as it curved with three petals protruding. The petals rose beautifully and got entwined together. The design was so intricate that the new casino sat on the podium of the building. The bottom section of the 75-floors skyscraper occupies luxurious hotels. In the mid-section, there are apartments settled. While at the top, massive penthouse duplexes are built-in.

Crown Casino

Despite being a new casino, Crown Casino is well-respected as it aims at providing reliable casino games. They pride themselves on being responsible in their backings. They also provide rules for customers to ensure safe and smooth gaming. 

Here are some rules customers should follow:

  • Gambling should be strictly for pleasure and not a means of income.
  • Gambling should not be from borrowed funds.
  • Customers must keep their feelings and emotions in check.
  • Customers must create a spending limit.
  • Customers are encouraged to take some time off and come back after recuperating.

Crown Casino also mandates customers to dress neatly and dandy. The new casino denies access to inappropriately dressed customers. They also placed a rule against head wears like hats for security purposes. Crown Casino likes to keep things respectful. Hence, clothes with vulgar words and symbols are strictly prohibited. Other clothes like sportswear, camouflage, and tattered clothing are unacceptable.

Although these rules may seem extreme, they are to ensure safety and orderliness in the new casino. These rules ensure that the standards of Crown Casino are upheld. After all, it is not an easy task to be named the best skyscraper in the world. 

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