Table Top Racing – Review
Follow Genre: Racing
Developer: Playrise Digital
Publisher: Playrise Digital
Platforms: PS Vita, iOS, Android

Table Top Racing – Review

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Good: fun, fast-paced
Bad: small arsenal of weapons, moderate amount of challenges
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Cars are the dream of almost every man on earth. They look cool, the sound of the engine running is powerful, and driving at high speed gets your adrenaline rolling. Each young boy likes to have a taste of driving with cars, so they make use of small miniature cars. Now you can also play with miniature cars on your game systems! Choose your car, choose your challenge and mow down every other miniature car that even dares to go faster than yourself!



As this is a miniature racing game that makes use of weapons along the way, a story isn’t relevant.


Table Top Racing has great looking tracks and all kinds of miniature cars to choose from, some even look like iced cream cars! They all look unique and definitely have their own style, which is obviously a good thing. You’ll also notice that most of the tracks are rather colorful and very pleasant to watch.


The sound is pretty decent, but you’ll mostly only hear the sound of your engine running, which might be slightly annoying. The tracks that are available are pretty ok, but you probably won’t notice much because the engine sound makes it rather faint.


Game play-wise, Table Top Racing is similar to your battle racing games like Mario Kart. Since the game is a rather small game that was ported from mobile devices, you’ll see that the game is rather short. Although the game starts rather slow since you’ll only have the standard starting cars, the quickly picks up its pace when you unlock new vehicles or upgrade your previous ones. You can do this by making use of the coins you earn when racing all kinds of different challenges.


There are a total of 4 different types of races that you can participate in. Firstly you’ll have ‘Championships’ in which you’ll have 3 different cups: ‘Twin Cam Challenge’, ‘Spark Plug Cup’ and ‘Turbo Championship’. Each offer tougher challenges. The challenges differ in each part of the cup: you can either have a time race, where you’ll need to reach the finish within a certain time limit, or races in which you’ll not be able to use any weapons.

Weapons are available in most of the races in the game, but they are rather limited in choose: either a rocket launcher that hits a vehicle in front of you, a bomb that you’ll drop behind you, an electrical field that stuns an opponent for a small amount of time, or a short speed burst that’ll help you get an advantage over your opponents.
The second type of race is a ‘Drift Event’. Here you’ll have the choose of 2 difficulties: pro and expert. The aim of this type of race is obvious: you’ll need to prove your drifting skills and beat high scores.

A third type of race are the ‘Special Events: here you’ll face all kinds of special races with their own set of rules. An example of such an event is an elimination race, where you’ll get eliminated if you happen to get to the finish as last in a lap.

The last type of race is a ‘Quick Race’. Here you’ll be able to choose your own map and car and simple race against opponents.

A final option of the game is the multiplayer mode, in which you’ll be able to play together with friends either online or through local play. There is also a leader board option available, that’ll show you information about who has the best scores in the game.



While having a lack of different weapons, having a rather moderate amount of challenges and an engine that makes a little too much noise; Table Top Racing offers the player a ton of fun to play on their own or with other people. The various vehicles that are unlockable are unique and the game is easy to just jump into for a small session of gaming. The game is also very cheap to download, so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

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Rating: 9.0/10 (2 votes cast)
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Table Top Racing - Review, 9.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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