Taking a Cruise? Try Online Casino!

Taking a Cruise? Try Online Casino!

Taking a cruise can be a great way to unwind and an interesting spin on the traditional holiday. Cruise ships are dedicated to providing plenty of opportunities for rest and relaxation while you’re aboard, and many of them offer physical casinos, so that you try your luck to win a big prize.

But what about online gambling? If you prefer to gamble from the comfort of your cabin or while out on the deck enjoying the fresh air, online gambling can be an interesting alternative.

Legal Issues

It is important to remember that when you’re gambling online, whether using a sports betting site or a well known online casino such as Casinoland you can’t afford to ignore legal concerns. Not every territory in the world allows gambling, and it is important to know that as cruise ships approach within a certain distance of a port or territory, they will be governed by the gambling rules that exist in that country. So it is a good idea to check out the gambling rules of the countries that your cruise will be passing close to before you decide whether to try online casino gaming.

The situation is more complicated when you’re in what is known as international waters, around 12 miles off the coastline. Here, the cruise ship is usually regarded as an extension of the country where the ship is registered. So make sure you check out the rules with the ship authorities before you play.

Rules on Age

Another issue to be considered is the age limitations associated with gambling online while on board a cruise ship. Again, this will vary according to which country’s rules apply to online gambling at a particular point in your journey. Some countries set an age limit of 21, while others make it legal to gamble online at 18, so establishing which rules apply can be a significant factor.

Internet Connection

Gambling at an online casino while you’re on a cruise will also obviously depend on the quality of the internet connection. You don’t want to the internet to cut out at a crucial point in your roulette or blackjack game! Check the quality of the internet connection before you start playing. On high quality cruises visiting popular destinations, this shouldn’t be a significant issue, however.


No-one wants to think about taxes while you’re on a cruise, but when it comes to online gambling it is an important issue. What happens if you land a big win? Where will you pay taxes on it, and how much tax will you have to pay? Again, this will depend on the territory that you are passing closest to when you play, or on the origin of the cruise ship.

Play Safe

Online casino gambling can be a diverting pastime and a fun way to spend some time, but it is important to remember that it isn’t a way to solve financial problems, and that all casino players lose in the long term. Set limits to your casino gaming and make sure that you never gamble with money you can’t afford to lose. This way you will get the most out of your cruise ship online casino play.

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