Tank Tactics the puzzle-riddled tactical tank shooter revealed

Tank Tactics the puzzle-riddled tactical tank shooter revealed

Tank Tactics has been under development by the Dutch game development studio Aero Games for three years, and now that it’s nearing completion, the developers are looking to crowdfund the game via Indiegogo. You can find their campaign right here. You can always support the team by voting on their game in the Steam Greenlight right here.

The game seems like a fairly simple game at a first glance but looks can deceive. Being inspired by arcade and console games such as GranadaX for Genesis, Tanks and Portal 2 the game offers two game mechanics: combine weapons and shoot through portals. These mechanics are what makes Tank Tactics more than just a simple blow ’em up game.

Enough chit chat about this puzzle-riddled tactical tank shooter and nifty game mechanics. Check out the Indiegogo campaign trailer below and if you think you’re ready to blast your way through it, feel free to play the demo.

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