Tap! Captain Star will release the 14th of January

Tap! Captain Star will release the 14th of January

NANOO COMPANY has announced that Tap! Captain Star will be released on the 14th of January 2019.

In the new mobile game you will explore constellations with your starship, and rescue the universe from falling into the hands of the space evil!

The game features:

  • Explore in mysterious space
  • Take your own path to find all of 88 constellations
  • Tap-tap to upgrade Captain Star and special skills
  • Gather over 40 crew members and defeat the evil aliens
  • Upgrade Starships to assist you in the space exploration
  • Warp to Earth when in trouble and resume your challenge
  • Power up with 36 Hyper Cores acquired after warps!

The game will be free, and it will be available for pre-register on iOS and Android.

You can watch a gameplay video below.


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