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Developer: Eighting
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Platform: Wii


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TATSUNOKO vs. CAPCOM: Ultimate All-Stars is a Wii exclusive released by CAPCOM in 2010. The game is pretty much Marvel vs. CAPCOM’s smaller and less known brother. Let’s take a closer look to see if this game is worthy to be a part of the CAPCOM versus series.



The Tatsunoko and Capcom universe have merged to wage the biggest battle against a common foe this planet has ever seen! … Honestly I have no clue what the story is about and why both sides are fighting each other but let’s be honest a story like this doesn’t really need a major story element to be interesting so let’s pretty much skip that part for this game. (ok, a story would have been a nice extra but let’s face it, we can’t win ’em all!)


Unlike the new ‘3D’ versions of Street Fighter or the Marvel vs. Capcom games the developers of the game chose their own approach when it came to designing the game. A brave yet wise choice, the game is styled as if it’s a mix between the old school drawn games and the new 3D fighters. All I can say is all the characters all have their own personalities and look highly detailed. The levels aren’t that bad to look at either, maybe a little more background action would have been nice but yet again, we can’t win em all!

The only remark I have about the game is that the appearance of the menu’s and your character screen have been made a little less appealing compared to the other games in the Capcom fighting series.



To put it bluntly: The soundtrack is appealing and doesn’t annoy you and the sfx are well done. What more to achieve in a fighting game.

Note: When clearing the arcade you WILL catch yourself humming, whistling or even do an attempt at singing the credits theme!


Like many fighting games your action will mainly consist out of playing the Arcade mode (by which you unlock your hidden characters), versus matches (online and/or offline) and doing the occassional shopping to unlock bonus content. The twist in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom is that all your matches are tag-team 2 vs 2. (Except for some special characters that count as a 2 man team.)

As in all the Capcom fighting games, the basic gameplay consists out of performing regular attacks, special moves and super moves. The first 2 will charges your special metre for you to perform the super moves. The controls for all moves are easy to learn and the game is playable in 4 different ways, namely: The wii controller (for simplified moves), the wii controller + nunchuck, the classic controller and the gamecube controller. This will surely give you a playstyle you will (learn to) like. If you played other games like Marvel vs. Capcom you will probably get annoyed by the fact there are less buttons to perform regular attacks with, this will sometimes get you in a situation that in some cases a button will perform a punch or a kick and this can be annoying when punching when wanting the kick. (Go go captain obvious!)

When completing certain things in the game (like the arcade mode) you will earn Zenny, a currency with which you can buy and unlock bonus content. This bonus content is mainly more colors for your characters and gallery items. A function like this helps quite a lot when it comes to replay value.


A little plus and fun fact to know, when completing certain conditions in the game you will receive an extra option in your game menu, namely an ‘extra game’. This extra game is pretty much a short, top-down shooter (like Capcom has already made many: 1942, gunbird, …) in which you can choose 4 of the game’s characters. This game is also playable with 4 players and can prove to entertain you for longer than expected. You will run through the 4 stages this game has to offer in 15 minutes, but when the fun is shared by friends you will play the game quite some times. Also by playing the extra game the game will still reward you with Zenny to unlock stuff in your main game. I have to spoil the good remarks with 1 thing: I found absolutely no way to return to my main game when playing the extra game! A flaw which makes sure you will get annoyed when wanting to switch back to your normal game!

Fun, yet dissapointing fact: The Japanese version treats us to real Anime scenes while the European version only offers us pictures with some text – so get yourself a Japanese wii!


Tatsunoko vs. Capcom was a delight to play through several times and to compete against friends with. It has certainly earned it’s right to be called Marvel vs. Capcom’s brother and is a great game to have some fun with!


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TATSUNOKO vs CAPCOM - Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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