Teeka Tiwari technology royalty withdrawal plan

Teeka Tiwari has launched a new marketing campaign for its quarterly newsletter Crypto Income. This is called “the technology royalty withdrawal plan”. By following Teeka’s investment advice on the technology royalty withdrawal plan, you can “collect $ 180,472 each year” and “enjoy lifetime income” while “starting with only $ 100”, at least according to Teeka Tiwari. As with Teeka Tiwari’s other marketing pages, the Tech Royalty sales page is full of huge claims from followers that turn small investments into big fortunes. “Have I converted $ 12,000 to $ 1,032,763 in a little over a year? !! Wow. Thank you, that seems insufficient,” wrote one of Teeka’s loyal followers after following his investment advice. . “Thanks to you, I have more than $ 4.5 million,” wrote another follower. So what’s the secret behind Teeka Tiwari’s technology royalty investment system? Let’s take a closer look at how it works and whether it is a scam or a legitimate investment opportunity. Let’s take a look at Crypto Income Quarterly and see what the Palm Beach Tech Royalty retirement plan in Teeka in 2020 is all about.

What is the Tech Royalty retirement plan?

Teeka Tiwari’s technology royalty withdrawal plan is described as “a stream of royalties that allows you to collect money on hand every day, week or month, with new technology”. These technology fees are similar to traditional fees, where you receive a periodic payment for something you own, such as a movie, song or book. Obviously, many tech companies are paying dividends. But what is the difference between Teeka’s “technology royalties” and a dividend? Teeka answers this question by stating that technology fees pay significantly better than dividends. Obviously, all of this sounds too good to be true, particularly from a company like Palm Beach Research Group known for its testimonials from exaggerated customers. What exactly is Teeka Tiwari talking about? What is a technology fee?

Technology fees are cryptocurrencies

After having dazzled him with ridiculous claims on the amount of money he can earn by following his investment advice, Teeka Tiwari finally reaches the point of his argument: his “technological royalties” are only cryptocurrencies . Teeka seems to be particularly optimistic about the blockchain technology underlying cryptocurrencies. The sales page never says “blockchain” by name, although Teeka describes how many of its technology / cryptocurrency fees are based on this technology. Why is there an opportunity for such exponential growth in the field? Why Teeka says that a $ 100 investment can make a millionaire? Well, Teeka describes the “network effect” of crypto and blockchain technology: Teeka also claims to have a secret investment strategy that allows you to receive dividends hourly, daily, weekly or monthly, as needed. It’s not clear what he’s talking about here, but it looks like he’s talking about periodically selling some of his crypto assets for profit, then calling those profits “royalties.”

Teeka believes cryptoactive is the great new type of investment

Ultimately, Teeka’s “technological royalty” argument is based on the idea that institutions are on the verge of flooding cryptocurrencies. Teeka highlights evidence such as the fact that Fidelity adds cryptographic support to each brokerage account. TD Ameritrade is about to do the same. As more and more brokerage platforms follow suit, the money will be invested in cryptography, at least, according to Teeka. Teeka also mentions Bakkt, the encryption exchange platform launched by Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), owner of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The volume of Bakkt has continued to increase in recent months since its launch in September 2019. With this in mind, Teeka believes that other brokerage companies will quickly follow suit and add cryptographic support: Because of this effect, Teeka believes that crypto is a new asset class as well as REITs, ETFs, index funds and technology stocks. However, unlike these asset classes, ordinary investors can invest today with the former and institutions. You don’t have to wait for a business to go public or for everyone to know before buying: Of course, critics will say that crypto has already gone far beyond the point “you can buy here”. Critics will argue that encryption has already gone through its historic boom and bust cycle. Will Bitcoin ever return to its maximums of $ 20,000 or more? Teeka Tiwari certainly seems to think so. If you believe it too, you can follow their investment advice to earn at least millions, according to Teeka.

What is Crypto Income Quarterly?              

Teeka Tiwari’s “technology royalty plan” is just a marketing campaign for its quarterly newsletter Crypto Income. Every three months, Teeka will send a copy of Crypto Income Quarterly to your inbox. The newsletter contains investment tips, such as the types of cryptocurrencies you should buy at that time to make massive profits. As with other Palm Beach Research Group products, Crypto Income Quarterly promises easy money and quick wealth. By following the investment tips in the newsletter, you can make huge profits with a limited probability of loss, at least according to the Palm Beach Research Group team. Teeka says it could sell Crypto Income Quarterly for much more than it currently sells. However, for the goodness of his heart, Teeka chose to keep the prices low: “You have access to the only quality hedge fund research currently available in this brand new opportunity to get rich outside of the stock market. Sure, I could sell my research to hedge funds and other big league investors and get between 20X and 40X what I’m doing now. But the truth is … I have all the money I need. ”

Crypto Income Quarterly

Crypto Income Quarterly has a strange and expensive pricing system:

  • New assessment:$ 2,000
  • Renewalfee : $ 249 every three months

Yes, you pay $ 2,000 just to join Crypto Income Quarterly. Then you have to pay $ 249 for each subsequent problem ($ 996 per year).

All of this information is hidden in small print at the bottom of Crypto Income’s quarterly sales page, making it difficult to see exactly what you are recording when entering your credit card information.

What is included with Crypto Income Quarterly?

If you subscribe to Crypto Income Quarterly via the technology royalty sales page, you’ll get a handful of bonus products, including:

One-year subscription to Crypto Income Quarterly: You get an annual subscription to Crypto Income Quarterly, delivered to your email inbox once every quarter.

My three main technological royalties in 2020 for early retirement: Teeka lists three “technological royalties” (ie cryptocurrency or blockchain companies) that it recommends buying today. Teeka states that an investment of $ 100 today will result in an unexpected profit of $ 100,000 per year or more from this year.

10 special cryptocurrency income situations that could earn you $ 81,624 a year or more for life: This ebook lists ten special cryptocurrency income situations that could earn you $ 81,624 a year or more for life.

Wilson Crypto Insights: Greg Wilson of Palm Beach Research Group publishes a newsletter called Wilson Crypto Insights. The newsletter reports that it provides “hedge fund analysis”. Teeka also states that “only 52 professionals in the world receive it now”.

Regular updates by email: Teeka will periodically send emails to subscribers to update them on any news, recent cryptographic developments or change of position.

Crypto Income Quick Start Guide: Your subscription includes an e-book that explains how cryptocurrencies work, how to get started today, and how they fit into your retirement portfolio.

Crypto Video Guides: A crypto instructor named Hector Peña has gathered cryptographic video guides that guide him through the first steps to buy cryptocurrencies.

All of these bonus products are eBooks. They will be sent to your inbox once you have paid your new $ 2,000 membership fee for Crypto Income Quarterly.

Final Word on the Technology Royalties Pension Plan                   

Crypto Income Quarterly is a newsletter from the Palm Beach Research Group and Teeka Tiwari. Teeka Tiwari is a former hedge fund manager who recently specialized in cryptography. Teeka is very optimistic about cryptocurrency. He seems to think that cryptography is about to explode with growth. As evidence, he points out that Bakkt, TD Ameritrade, Fidelity and other major brokerage platforms are compatible with cryptography, and other brokers are expected to follow suit soon. Teeka Tiwari has released a new sales page to promote Crypto Income Quarterly. The sales page talks about the “technology royalty withdrawal plan” and the “technology royalties” in which you can invest. As with other Palm Beach Research Group products, the sales page is full of ridiculous claims about earning potential: by investing $ 100 in Teeka-recommended cryptocurrencies today, for example, you can earn guaranteed income $ 100,000 a year thanks to for life. Even people who bought $ 100 worth of bitcoin in 2009 don’t make that kind of money! Crypto Income Quarterly also has an unusually expensive pricing pattern. You pay $ 2,000 to sign up for the newsletter. Then pay $ 249 each quarter for each additional issue of the newsletter. To further complicate matters, all of this pricing information is hidden in thin, light-colored letters at the bottom of the sales page. In the end, there are major problems with Crypto Income Quarterly and the way the newsletter is marketed online, and the technology royalty plan is another example. However If you are optimistic about cryptocurrencies and believe in the investment wisdom of Teeka Tiwari, you can sign up for Crypto Income Quarterly via the sales page of the technology royalty withdrawal plan.

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