Tekken World Tour returns in 2022!

Tekken World Tour returns in 2022!

Bandai Namco Europe S.A.S has just announced that Tekken 7, which is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year, will be making a return to the spotlights of the competitive esports scene with the Tekken World Tour 2022.

Players will be able to qualify for the Tekken World Tour by collecting enough points to rank high on their regional leaderboards. These points are collected by participating and doing well in certain events. There are different categories of events in which you can get points for the Tekken World Tour:

  • DOJO-events are the smallest of these events, they can be either online or offline and are open for all players to enter. Only players of the same region as the DOJO-event are able to win points for the Tekken World Tour. The amount of points that can be earned is based on the number of participants
  • DOJO Prime-events are similar to normal DOJO-events but these also receive financial support from the Tekken World Tour. Another big difference is that the amount of points that can be earned is not based on the number of participants for these events.
  • MASTER- and MASTER PRIME-events are huge events that feature hundreds of players. They are open entry for everyone and points can be earned regardless of region. They are also all supported by the Tekken World Tour and will reward much more points than DOJO-events.

This is the list of scheduled MASTER-events:

  • CEO (Daytona Beach, FL, Verenigde Staten) – 24 – 26 juni 2022
  • EVO (Las Vegas, NV, Verenigde Staten. EVO wordt een MASTER+ evenement, met meer punten voor de deelnemers) – 5 – 7 augustus 2022
  • VSFighting (Birmingham, Verenigd Koninkrijk) 19 – 21 augustus 2022
  • RevMajor (Manilla, Filipijnen) – 17 – 18 september 2022
  • The Mix Up (Lyon, Frankrijk) – 1 & 2 oktober 2022

Players are ranked by their performance in MASTER events and their four best performances in DOJO events. Somewhere between four and sixteen players will proceed to the regional finals. More details on these regional finals will be revealed at a later date.

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