Temple Run – Review
Follow Genre: Adventure
Developer: Imangi Studios
Publisher: Imangi Studios
Platform: Apple, Android

Temple Run – Review

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The first time it appeared in our android or apple stores  it was one of the most famous games for mobile platforms. Can you escape death, conquer the obstacles, be the greatest adventurer and are you the one who can finish the game that has no end? Just try and collect as many coins as possible and stay out of the arms of the evil demon-monkeys who are chasing you. Can you handle it?



The game starts out with the mysterious text, ‘Take the idol if you dare!’ and after touching it, your adventure starts.  In this game you are an adventurer that needs to escape from a temple and the clutches of the demon-monkeys who are chasing you. Overall the storyline isn’t that important in this game, but it is always nice you can think you’re on a mission and if you succeed you get rewarded.


Overall the sound is good for a free apple or android game, only the fact that there isn’t much variation makes it boring after a while. Especially when you need to listen the same song over and over again while you are running. When you jump or hit the floor you don’t even hear a sound except from some noise that comes out of the mouth of your character. In the end this is just a detail.

temple run


For a basic game like this, the game offers us great graphics! When you see it you’ll see the style will surely fit the game well. There’s a decent build-up,  like where you can run on the temple stones, rocks or even wooden settings. Also the background gives you a good view of everything. For a mobile game we get offered a decent amount more than what you’d expect from it, and I guess that makes it more appealing to play.


The basic idea of the game is that you need to avoid obstacles, by jumping over them, sliding under them, turn right or left at the right time. There are many different obstacles and each of them has a specific way or ways to get past them. If you need to pass a tree, the only way you can pass it is by sliding under it, if there is a gap in the road you need to jump over it or you drown or smash against the rocks in front of you, and so on. How all of this actually works is quite simple, you simply slide your finger across the screen. For jumping you need to slide up, for sliding under something you need to slide down with your finger and when you want to turn you just need to slide left or right. This is basically the way you need to do it.


The other thing that is important in the game is that you collect the coins that you see on your way and with them you can buy several bonus effects. These include taking a head start, getting more coins or getting longer boosts or you can buy the temple run wallpapers in the store with them. How do you collect coins? By moving your mobile device down to the left or down to the right and you will automatically get on the left or right side of the road. When you walk ‘through’ the coins you collect them. Also when you play this game you need to watch out, because you are being chased by evil monkey the entire time and when you trip they will get closer and closes. If they get too close you die. So the basic idea is to be careful, run for your life, collect as many coins as possible and run as long as possible.


I like the game but they just want to make you addicted to the thrill you get when you get a high score. Honestly this game has been very addictive for me. Why? Because I just want to get better and better points. Which isn’t that easy.. So I certainly recommend it to you! Just try it out and tell me what you think about it. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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Rating: 6.0/10 (3 votes cast)
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Temple Run - Review, 6.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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