Tennis Manager 2021: end of Early Access September 7th 2021 during the US Open

Tennis Manager 2021: end of Early Access September 7th 2021 during the US Open

The French studio Rebound CG is proud to announce the final release date of Tennis Manager after four months of Early Access and achieving a “very positive” rating of 85% on Steam.

After a phase of private beta testing with a hundred passionate tennis fans and sports management enthusiasts, the game moved to Early Access where thousands of players gave feedback. Now, the game representing “the Football Manager of tennis” sees a definitive release.

This version takes into account a number of technical and graphical improvements, along with new functionalities such as mod compatibility (Epic and Steam Workshop), a history of records for men’s and women’s circuits since the Open Era, and a version for Mac.

Rebound CG, independent developer of the game, hopes that other new stories will be written around it, such as those of streamers Domingo and Rivenzi and professional players Clara Burel and Arthur Cazaux, who have met in real life after playing the game.

The French studio is counting on the success of this first title to build a successful new license, which it hopes will become a cultural phenomenon, referenced in the same vein as Football Manager.

Tennis Manager 2021 features

  • Choose your academy or create your own from scratch, shape your champions, and rise to the top of the tennis scene.
  • Embrace the life of a manager by dealing with finances, infrastructures, staff, coaching and much more
  • Scout for 5000 players of both the female & male, junior & pro circuits to recruit the legends of tomorrow
  • Manage the schedule of your pro team
  • Participate in conferences and press interviews to make a name for yourself and your players
  • Participate in over 2000 tournaments
  • Travel the world to coach your players with a unique 3D match-sim engine
  • Adapt the playstyle of your player in real-time thanks to a deep set of analytic that helps you make the right choices

The game is available on the platforms Steam, Epic Games, and the Mac App Store for the price of $39,99 // 39,99 € // 34,99 £GB.

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