TESORO Durandal Ultimate G1NL eSport – Hardware Review
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Developer: TESORO
Publisher: TESORO
Platform: PC
Distributor: ITCMM (Belgium)

TESORO Durandal Ultimate G1NL eSport – Hardware Review

Good: Different LED lights, Different kinds of switches, comfort
Bad: Low powered USB ports
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It’s been a while since our last review of a mechanical gaming keyboard, so we figured we needed to do something about that! Today we can present you with our opinion of the TESORO Durandal Ultimate eSport edition. Hopefully the keyboard proves to be just as impressive as its name.


At first glance, the Durandal Ultimate eSport provides us with a sturdy looking keyboard with some extra comfort features added to it. The bottom of the keyboard can be expanded with a panel to give you a space to rest the palm of your hands. The fact that they added a metallic plate look to it, makes it all that more badass. The logo in upper right corner is fairly subtly shown with a purple LED, with a smooth little screen to match it. This screen will show you when caps, num lock, etc is turned on. Overall the look is sturdy, with an eye for detail.

The button lay-out is very similar to the QuickFire Pro, which present the user with a fairly standard lay-out. You’ll have keys that serve double functions, such as the F keys and two of the keys on your num pad. Overall the buttons have a tad more of a matte finished compared to the QuickFire Pro’s more smooth keys. In the end this is all a matter of preference and both prove to be just as comfortable as the other. That being said TESORO provides the keys of the Durandal Ultimate eSport with an extra coating to provide sturdier keys as well as a longer longevity.


Just like on the keyboard of a laptop, you’ll have the Fn key to activate the buttons, which have two functions, their second function. You’ll be able to use the F keys as media keys, loading profiles and locking the windows key, to prevent accidentally going to your desktop when gaming. The two keys on the num pad with a double function (5, 8) that allows you to control the LED lights inserted in the keyboard.

The Durandal Ultimate eSport edition provides full LED lighting, that comes in two different colors. The function keys, keys such as Tab, Caps, and so on – are in white. Red LED lights will lights will light up the rest of the keyboard. This creates for a fun gaming environment and easier hand placement in the dark.

Having worked with Red Cherry MX switches before, it’s easy to say that these will always feel the same way, for every keyboard that works with them. They feel very light and don’t make such a loud clicking noise, such as some other switches. These switches are great for gaming purposes, seeing they have a quick reaction time. The Red Cherry MX switches can be found under the keys with the red LED lights. The ones with the white LED lighting will have Black Cherry MX switches beneath them. You’ll feel that the black switches provide a bit more feedback than the red ones. This means you’ll have to apply a bit more pressure to activate the keys.

Like most other mechanical keyboards, the keys prove to be easily removable for either cleaning purposes or replacing buttons. The keyboard comes with a small plastic tool to remove the keys which you want to remove, as well as a lot of extra keys which you can use to create your own unique gaming set-up.


The keyboard also features as a USB-hub and a ways of inserting your headset and microphone jacks inside of the keyboard. Of course if you wish to use your keyboard to insert your headset and/or microphone, you’ll have to insert more than the USB connection that is fitted on the cable of the Durandal Ultimate eSport. The cable of the device comes with both jacks and thus the keyboard will serve as a connection piece. Keep in mind, the USB ports will only handle a certain voltage and thus will not serve for recharging devices and so on. Nonetheless, the USB ports prove to be useful to plug in an USB stick and have a very easy accessible port.

Comfort wise TESORO’s keyboard proves to be very fun to use. The simple, yet well appreciated palm rest proves to be very comfortable when gaming for longer sessions, especially for games such as League of Legends and others games where you don’t have to move your hand(s) around too much. The metallic design, as well as the ‘wooden’ stripes in the middle, prove to be fun to rest your hands on and look great. Overall this simple addition shows us that the creators of the keyboard had comfort in mind for those who like to do some serious gaming.

TESORO provides a software program for all of its products but sadly it’s a different program for all of the items you have. This would mean you’d need multiple programs, if you own more than one TESORO product. Luckily the software itself proves to be easy to use. You can assign ten different macro’s by using a drop down list. Add the fact you are able to do this for five different profiles and you’ll have a keyboard that offers a fun set-up for an array of different genres.


TESORO’s Durandal Ultimate eSport mechanical gaming keyboard might sound like one of the longest names in the gaming business but the brand has the quality to back up all these fancy gaming terms. The hardware proves to be comfortable, good looking as well as practical. If you’re looking for a great keyboard to spice up your gaming set-up, this one is surely worth looking in to.

For a full list of specs, click here.

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TESORO Durandal Ultimate G1NL eSport - Hardware Review, 9.8 out of 10 based on 9 ratings

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