TESORO Lobera Supreme G5NFL – Hardware Review
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Developer: TESORO
Publisher: TESORO
Platform: PC

TESORO Lobera Supreme G5NFL – Hardware Review

Good: Awesome design, Lots of options
Bad: Lots of cables to get high powered USB ports
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With the Durandal Ultimate eSports still fresh on our minds, it’s already time to present you with another TESORO keyboard. This time we are able to show you our opinion of the Lobera Supreme, which seems to be the fancy looking brother of the Durandal Ultimate eSports. Will the great looking exterior also house enough functions to complete your gaming setup?


When going off on the first appearance, it’s clear that when it comes to the overall design, TESORO has invested a lot of time and effort in creating a keyboard that simply looks stunning. Like on the Durandal Ultimate eSports, the Lobera Supreme again has the ‘metallic’ finish at the bottom and the ‘wooden stripes’ on the side. The logo has been clearly added on the upper right corner of the keyboard, on a fitting purple background. Small details, such as the thicker font on the keys are well appreciated, especially seeing because of this the LED lighting underneath becomes extra clear. The lights on the side of the keyboard also give the Lobera Supreme that extra edge, when it comes to its design.

As with the Durandal Ultimate eSports, this keyboard pretty much has the same lay-out. You’ll once again find a decent amount of keys that serve a double function, when pressed in combination with the ‘Fn’ key. The keys themselves feel fairly smooth and you’ll have three extra keys added at the bottom of the keyboard.

When pressing the Fn key, you’ll be able to access several media buttons, as well as loading different profiles of your keyboard and adjusting the luminance settings. You are able to adjust the luminance, with the ‘5’ and ‘8’ keys on your num pad, which will toggle you through six different settings. These vary from full LED lighting to partial and of course shutting it off completely.


You’ll be able to choose from a lot of LED colors to give your hardware a fancy look. Sadly, not all the colors in the palette truly work. You’ll be presented with basic colors like yellow, red, green, blue, purple,… . Those in between are often pretty much the same as those basic colors but nonetheless the Lobera Supreme offers a nice palette to choose from.

The Lobera Supreme does not have the conventional Cherry MX switches, instead you’ll get Kailh switches. Having tested the blue Kailh switches, it’s easy to say that these switches are somewhat the same as the red Cherry MX switches, when it comes to the overall force you will have to apply. That being said, these switches will give more feedback compared to the red Cherry MX switches. Also, a loader clicking sound can be heard when pressing the keys. This click is also a great indication to feel when your key actually activats. In the end this is just a matter of getting used to.

Like other mechanical keyboards, you’re able to remove the keys for cleaning purposes or rearrange them as you see fit. A tool is supplied together with the hardware in order to allow easy removal.


Just like the Durandal Ultimate eSports, the Lobera Supreme also has two USB ports and a mic and headset jack. Again if you wish to use your headset through your keyboard, you will have to connect the keyboard with more than the standard USB plug. When you use it without the additional ‘power supply’ (which is just another USB plug, that has to be inserted into another plug on the keyboard) you’ll be able to decently power your USB devices. This means a USB headset and so on, will be operational through your keyboard. Keep in mind, that this will use an extra keyboard port on your PC. Nonetheless, this will create easy accessible USB ports.

When it comes to the overall comfort, the Lobera Supreme still offers a small space that can be used as a palm rest. On this rest you’ll also find three different macro buttons, which prove to be easy accessible with your thumbs.

The Software proves to be quite straightforward in which you can adjust all the required settings for five different profiles. You’ll be able to link buttons to opening certain programs, add macro’s and what not. Overall you’ll be able to easily adjust everything to your own personal preferences. Of course, macro’s tend to be a bit trickier but practice makes perfect. The LED settings also have to be done with the specific software for this keyboard. This features was a tad more hidden. To enable the LED settings, you’ll have to click on the purple arrow on the right side. Here you’ll be able to adjust all the settings for each profile as well.


TESORO’s Lobera Supreme G5NFL will offer you a bit of everything: A great design, comfort, a lot of functions and a great piece of gaming hardware. Whilst the focus of the Lobera Supreme its main focus is not pure gaming, like the Durandal Ultimate, you’ll still be amazed on how great this keyboard will be for your gaming setup. Perhaps a great choice, if you wish to be the ‘light of the party’.


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TESORO Lobera Supreme G5NFL - Hardware Review, 8.3 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

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