The Beast Inside: Gameplay video released

The Beast Inside: Gameplay video released

As it nears its funding goal, The Beast Inside releases its first 25 minutes of gameplay to gain some groundswell. The game takes players through the story of Adam, a young C.I.A. Cryptanalyst who moves to a remote location to work on breaking a Soviet code which could change the tides of the cold war. After moving, Adam finds the diary of Nicolas, a man of many mysteries, who inhabited the house more than a century ago during the civil war. Mystery and horror grows as the history of the house comes to life and haunts Adam and his family. How connected are the past and the present really? And can the past turn the tides of the current war?

Unique features of The Beast Inside:

  • Play alternately as Adam and Nicolas in two different time periods – Cold War and American Civil War.
  • Semi-open, explorable and complex world with atmospheric, remote locations such as a two-story old house, woodlands, swamps, or deserted inn.
  • AAA quality presentation, combining photorealistic graphics and advanced programming techniques.
  • Hide and escape the various entities that pursue you or fight them using a revolver, environmental advantages and your wits.
  • Fully interactive environment.
  • Solve many interaction-based, physics-based and cryptography-inspired puzzles.
  • Paranoid and surreal atmosphere, heavily inspired by psychological and mind-bending movies and games well-known to genre fanatics.


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