The Biggest Jackpots in Casino History

Casinos are famous for gambling and playing different games, as people go to casinos for their hobbies or jobs. Slots are one of the most renowned casino games. You might enjoy its simple entertainment or for good wins on reels. For some fortunate people, these slots are jackpots as they win massive, life-changing amounts of money. They bet on a small amount and come out with a lump sum of money like in the case with True Blue casino free spins no deposit. Luck plays a vital role in winning jackpots along with skills and understanding. 

The Procedure of  Playing on Slot Machines

Slot machines are easy to play with and relatively simpler to understand. You start by dropping a coin or inserting your player card. Then you have to pull the lever on the machine or press the button on it. The screen shows the reels to start spinning. Once the rotation stops, you will see if you have gotten the winning combo. If you do get it, you will win the cash amount.

Megabucks Machines

Wide area progressive or WAP slot machines are called Megabucks machines. Slot machines that use WAP progression are usually connected to each other throughout a prominent place. Megabucks machines are more responsible for jackpot wins. 

Big Jackpots and Megabucks Machines

Megabucks machines are unique because of some characteristics. The WAP system of Megabucks machines is enormous. It contributes from more players at a time. Megabucks jackpots start paying out with ten million dollars. So, the winner is going to win at least this amount. The Megabucks machines are some of the most expensive gambling machines for players. The minimum bet amount of Megabucks machines start at three dollars. The more expensive the bet, the higher is the payout of it. These are some of the ways how big jackpots and Megabucks machines are interconnected. 

Biggest Jackpot Wins

Many fortunate people have won a life-changing amount by gambling on Slot machines. Here are some of them, which are as follows: 

  • Position 1: $39,710,826.36
  • Position 2: $34,959,458.56
  • Position 3: $27,580,879.60
  • Position 4: $22,621,229.74
  • Position 5: $21,346,952.22
  • Position 6: $21,147,947.00
  • Position 7: $17,329,817.80
  • Position 8: $12,769,933.00

$39,710,826.36: This amount was won by a software engineer who was twenty-five at that moment. He chose to stay anonymous and won nearly forty million dollars from a slot machine at the Excalibur Casino of Las Vegas. The incident happened back in 2003 and remained the most significant jackpot payout to date. The person had used a hundred dollars and won that amount. The same can happen when you are playing casino games. So, don’t lose your chance; just find the page with the True Blue casino sign in and try your luck.  Imagine how lucky the engineer is! 

$34,959,458.56: Cynthia Jay Brennan was a cocktail waitress who won this amount. It happened in January of the year 2000. It was the most important day of her career as she won this life-changing amount on a slot machine. Cynthia was thirty-seven at that time and was playing on a Megabucks machine. She was playing at the Desert Inn. The Wynn in Las Vegas is the former location of the said Inn. 

$27,580,879.60: A retired flight attendant won this amount in the year 1998 in November. She played with the intent of only a hundred dollars on the machine. The win must have shocked her. She had bet three hundred dollars in total, and it ended up being positive for her. It made the anonymous woman win the third-largest jackpot amount to date. She won almost twenty-eight million dollars on a Megabucks machine. 

$22,621,229.74: Johanna Heundl won this amount and ranks as the fourth biggest jackpot winner in the world. On the twenty-seventh of May 2002, she won the slot machine jackpot. She is a resident of California. She was on her way to eat breakfast while she went gambling. Johanna played and won nearly twenty-three million dollars from the slot machine. 

$21,346,952.22: In the year 1999, an anonymous business consultant won this jackpot amount. He played on a Megabucks machine and won this life-changing amount from the slot machine game. He had no idea, though. The win happened at Caesar’s Palace in Vegas, and the winner was an Illinois resident. He was forty-nine years old at that time. Luck must have been a companion for him to have won about twenty-two million dollars from a ten-dollar bill. 

$21,147,947.00: Luck must be with the person who won two multi-million payouts on jackpots. These examples prove how dreams can come true at times. Elmer Sherwin won about five million dollars in the year 1989. The win happened at the Mirage. Nearly twenty years later, he won approximately twenty-two million dollars. This time it was on a Megabucks machine in the Cannery Casino Hotel in Las Vegas. He is probably the luckiest man alive and made the win at the age of ninety-two.

$17,329,817.80: The regular visitors of casinos know about what freebies are. There comes the twenty dollar credit to be played on the slots, which can give you a dinner voucher or a discount on your hotel expenses. A Vegas woman went to M Resort residing at Henderson. There, she wanted to play with the help of coupons and to use food vouchers. She did not intend to play at first, but the miracle happened when she inserted her card. She won nearly eighteen million dollars by accident. The incident occurred in December in the year 2012. 

$12,769,933.00: This person was visiting their niece who lives in Las Vegas. With six dollars in her pocket, she went for gambling at Aria Casino and Resort. She chose to play at a Megabucks machine and won nearly thirteen million dollars. Her life changed forever after this win. This incident happened in January 2011. 

Final Words

It might be fantastic to go to a casino with little money in your pockets and come out a millionaire by winning a jackpot, but it happens rarely. It seems to be too good to be true. From traditionally playing on slot machines to searching for online pokies for free, there are several gambling ways. Slot machines are a lot of fun, but some people have won a fortune from gambling. This article might enlighten you about the most extensive jackpot amounts in the history of casinos and how much the stakes were. The figures might shock you the same way they shocked the winners when they have won! 

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