The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Teaser

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Teaser


Originally designed as a First Person Shooter, the newly re-announced XCOM game will instead be a third person shooter. You play as William Carter who has the nebulous ability called Battle Focus which, I assume, is somewhat similar to what Gearbox did with Brothers in Arms and their tactical shooter where you had the ability to order around multiple squads of soldiers. Although it doesn’t give us much to go on we know that the developers at 2K Marin who developed Bioshock 2 are behind the wheel still, we hope to learn more as August 20th draws closer for the games release.

Set in 1962 at the height of the Cold War, The Bureau tells the origin story of the clandestine XCOM organization’s first encounter with a mysterious and devastating enemy. Originally established as America’s covert defense against the Soviet Union, The Bureau must adapt and overcome a threat unlike anything the world has faced before. As special agent William Carter, players will call the shots and pull the trigger, leading their squad of agents in the high-stakes secret war for humanity’s survival. Paramount to repelling the outside threat is The Bureau’s ability to cover-up the enemy’s existence in order to prevent worldwide panic.

In the spirit of the XCOM franchise, The Bureau’s calculated combat design requires players to think and act tactically. The game’s third-person perspective gives the player a sense of spatial awareness and grants them the freedom to transition in and out Carter’s unique Battle Focus ability seamlessly — heightening the tactical shooter action. The Bureau also fully embraces the concept of permanent consequence. As our last line of defense, every command can mean the difference between life and death for Carter, his squad and mankind.

Original Story

Maybe you remember that there used to be talk of The Bureau, a shooter based on the XCOM franchise. Unfortunately, some time after its announcement, the game kind of died out with no clear explanation. Well, 2K Marin has now re-announced the coming of this title by putting out a live-action teaser trailer for it. This trailer sets the tone, showing the secret organization tracking alien activity in the 1960s. The game is said to come out in August this year.


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