The Dwarves are coming to Gamescom!

The Dwarves are coming to Gamescom!

The Dwarves is a tactical RPG full of battle, booze and beards, based upon the bestselling fantasy novel of the same name. Currently in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, the game itself will debut at Gamescom next month.

One exciting feature of this title is its use of a Crowd-Combat system– where enemies flock together to kill you, but are significantly influenced by physics. Surrounded by orcs? Smash them with a mighty war hammer and not only will they be knocked back, but some might even fly straight into an abyss. Only through using the environment and the hero’s skills will you be able to survive against the hordes.

Other key features of The Dwarves include:

  • The ability to bring together a group of up to 12 companions- each of whom have individual battle skills and a unique backstory
  • Fighting hundreds of enemies in each battle, with up to 4 heroes each time
  • A world map that features a large number of different battlefields and places to be discovered.
  • Author of The Dwarves series Markus Heitz will contribute with new quests and brand new characters as the project’s consultant

The Dwarves will release at some point in 2016. Interested? Check out the trailer below:

Gamescom will be in Cologne from August 6th to August 9th.

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