The Evolution of Gaming

With a title such as ‘The evolution of gaming’, we could somewhat go in every possible direction when it comes to gaming in our current landscape. We have seen games evolve from just a few blips on a screen, to impressive-looking titles such as the recently released Demon’s Souls on PS5. The next-gen consoles are just upon us, and they have garnered a lot of attention, to the point that scalpers are selling the desired consoles online at double, or even triple, the original asking price. Nonetheless, the current technology or options we have, only a few clicks or button presses away, is most definitely impressive.

Today it’s hard to choose what type of gaming will take your fancy. A few decades ago, you either picked one of the mainstream available consoles for home play and spend all your hard-earned money on a cartridge, or you had a PC that allowed you to run certain games in DOS. Either way, the games on offer were limited and it was a lot easier to pick what you were going to play. Over the years, the gaming industry has become one of the biggest entertainment businesses in the world, making it so that there is daily new content on display. The console wars still rages on between Microsoft and Sony, with Nintendo doing its own thing on the sidelines. The PC gaming market had cracked open now that Steam isn’t the only proper gaming platform anymore, with the inclusion of the Epic Games Store, but also Discord trying to add games to its store. We luckily see a small decline in EA’s and Ubisoft’s separate gaming clients, which were often very tedious to work with. On top of that, we have millions of mobile games to play via Android or iOS, that are actually being developed by the giants that rule the console or PC gaming market(s).

Again, things will become increasingly complex if you’re aiming for games that you pay in full when you get them from the (online) store, or those that are based on subscriptions. The latter requires you to pay every month, rather than pay a fixed amount upon purchase. Of course, franchises such as FIFA try to do both, by making you pay a fixed fee to get the game, but also pay additional money to gain in-game content that gives you an extra edge. This last business model is frowned upon by many and is actually getting banned in different countries around the globe. We believe, if you want to try your luck, you could just as well do some gambling in a properly controlled environment.

Gambling, be it on online casinos, apps, or even certain console games, has evolved heavily over the years. Many of these games have stepped away from the typical formats of the ancient slot machines, the typical card games, or even roulette, which you have seen in every possible movie that involved a casino. Casino games have now evolved with the current trends, offering games based on actual gaming franchises, zombies, movie franchises, or even divine beings such as the Greek pantheon but also the Egyptian gods. This brings us to the AmunRa casino bonus codes, where you have the chance to wade through different Ancient Egypt-themed games, and perhaps even earn a pretty penny or two. While you will not be able to build your own pyramid after collecting your winnings, themed gambling games like this tailor to the needs of many who are bored with the oversupply of the classic games. As always, we do advise you to play gambling games with moderation, but it can certainly be a fun way to take a few small risks in your gaming habits.

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