The Force is strong in Disney Infinity 3.0

The Force is strong in Disney Infinity 3.0

A new version of Disney Infinity has been announced! This time around, Star Wars is the leading theme as 3 Star Wars Play Sets can be played with this newest version. Expect to experience a lot of lightsaber action and feel the power of The Force!

Each Play Set features its own kind of gameplay, environments and enemies to fight. In Star Wars™: Twilight of the Republic Play Set, lightsabers and The Force are the most valuable assets while the Star Wars™: Rise Against the Empire Play Set places players in the seat of his/her very own spaceship.

Besides the Star Wars theme, the 3.0 version will also feature other extra Play Sets like a Disney Pixar Play Set where you can expect the characters of the latest Disney animated movie ‘Inside Out’ and more Marvel goodies.

The Toy Box mode has been revised and reworked and thanks to two expansion games, you’ll have even more fun playing with and against other people. In Toy Box Speedway, you’ll have the opportunity to race against other folks in carts and Toy Box Takeover brings another action adventure flavored game.

As with every new edition of Disney Infinity, a bunch of new characters will join the already pretty extensive cast. Some names that have been released are: Mickey and Minnie, Sam Flynn and Quora (Tron: Legacy), Mulan and Olaf (Frozen).

In the coming months, expect to receive more information on the game itself and additional characters and Play Sets.
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