The Importance Of Likes In Social Media

Whether you’re a successful, small business owner or a starving artist, likes to express the same thing for everyone across the board. To establish a following, posting “likeable” content is an absolute must. You might be thinking, “But back in the day, there was no social media and celebrities and entrepreneurs were still successful.” And that may be the case, but now there are social media, and those who don’t acclimate to its competitive nature will get left behind in the dust. Here’s why your social media page needs likes.

Influence and Quality

A large following is typically seen as an indication of influence or quality. When the number of likes reaches the thousands, people automatically think either one of two things: 1. This person is influential, or 2. This person is posting quality content.

These are thoughts derived solely from a number before users even examine the content if they do that at all. There could be a million reasons why a post has so many likes, and auto likes for Instagram could be one of them. But it’s not important why or how the likes got there. The conclusion that viewers will come to will be the same regardless—a high number of likes represents a company or individual’s impact and credentials. If you’re still struggling, you can go to an SEO specialist for hire.

Better Communication

When someone likes your Facebook page, they are automatically recruited into your fanbase. This means that you can send them notifications about events, promotions, or other things that would further connect them with you or your company. Likes provide you with a mainline of communication so that people are glued to your page’s activity. Also, when you get likes, the friends of those people will see it in their newsfeed, furthering the possibility of more traffic on your site.

You must post often on your social media page to remain relevant. Traffic on your site could be a complete waste if they don’t see that you are active and posting interesting content. Many different kinds of posts can keep your audience engaged. All you have to do is figure out what kind of audience is peeping your page, and then you can know what kind of content will interest them.

Gauge the Audience

Speaking of knowing your audience, likes can be a cut and dry method of getting to know your following. Pay attention to the topics, pictures, or videos that attract the most likes. Likes will let you know what to avoid and what to post more of. This is key in determining what methods work best for your company, as what works for others might not work for you. So, don’t be afraid to try something out that others aren’t, but always think to yourself, “What would the oldest, most reserved, most uninformed person in my following think about this?” Anticipating how your audience may react will help you make rational decisions about the content you post.


Likes equate to relevance in the world of social media. The more you have, the more apparent it is that you or your company is special and well-established. But this relevance doesn’t only exist in the presumptions people might make based on your numbers—it holds weight in SEO because the more frequently your page is visited and liked, the more relevant it is, thus pushing it higher up in the rankings. Only the most relevant pages will be on the first couple pages of Google searches, and likes are one factor that can make your page recognized by SEO.


At the core of why people and companies even use social media is for the visibility, it provides to them, their business, art, music, or what have you. Social media has made it possible for the little guy to make a big splash in the market, and likes are a part of what makes that happen. People everywhere now have the power to build a following and influence people just by running a successful social media page.

Any basic knowledge you have of SEO can surely indicate why a strong social media presence is ideal for any business or individual trying to build a brand or leave a mark. Embracing this fact will have more positive results than negative, and that’s for sure.

The next time you hear someone griping about the negative sides of social media, remember these points. Social media gives power back to regular people who have big dreams, and it can serve as a very effective tool in reaching those dreams. By taking steps to maximize your likes and following, you will surely see how it can help you make a greater impact.

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