The Knife of Dunwall

The Knife of Dunwall

Dishonored  is a great game, but like many of you I was shocked at how short the campaign felt, I didn’t get nearly enough time to stab dudes in the face and neck. The first DLC to the game Dunwall trials helped somewhat but I wasn’t looking for arena challenges, the world of Dishonored was fascinating and I didn’t want to leave by the time the game was over. Luckily Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall is here to bring us back into the plague and vermin infested city, wait why did I want to go back so bad.

The first piece of story content for Dishonored puts you in the boots of Daud, the assassin that killed the Empress and forced you down the path of revenge.

After assassinating the Empress, and forever changing the fate of Dunwall, you embark on a search for redemption. The Outsider reveals the key to your atonement, but who—or what—is Delilah? Accompanied by the Whalers, your loyal band of mercenary assassins, your search will take you through never-before-seen districts of Dunwall as you face off against new and terrible foes.

The Knife of Dunwall is set to launch on April 16th for the PC, 360, and PS3 for 9.99 or 800 Microsoft dollars.

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