The latest major update for Hearthstone coming January 25

The latest major update for Hearthstone coming January 25

Coming to Hearthstone in a few days, the game’s latest update has been announced. Including the Battlegrounds Buddies system, Lunar New Year event and more, the update will go live Tuesday January 25th.

Battlegrounds Buddies – Designed to synergize with each of the Heroes, Battleground Buddies are special minions unique to each of them. The buddies will act like minions in hand and on the board, filling the “Buddy Meter” as combat progresses.

Mercenaries Village Update – Coming to the Mercenaries Village, the Training Grounds is a new space that will allow players to passively gain experience as they do Bounties or play other game modes. Additionally the update will bring brand new mercenaries and Bounties to the mode, alongside other features.

Book of Mercenaries: Tavish Stormpike – The latest adventure will see Tavish Stormpike overcoming countless enemies, from Frostwolves to Troggs and even his own family. Defeating all 8 bosses in the adventure will reward players with a Hunter pack, containing Hunter cards from Standard.

Lunar New Year – In order to celebrate the Lunar New Year, all players will receive the free Dancing Lion Card Back. Besides this, a new Tavern Brawl and series of quests will be available throughout the duration of the event.

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