The launch of Party Hard 2 includes groundbreaking Twitch integration

The launch of Party Hard 2 includes groundbreaking Twitch integration

Party Hard 2 is the thrilling sequel to 2015’s Party Hard and is now available for Windows via Steam for a price of $19.99, or its local equivalent, with a 10 % launch discount. Aside from having a ton of new features, the prominent feature is the groundbreaking Twitch integration. This integration allows streamers and viewers to connect in a brand-new way.

At the start of the game, viewers are given 2 minutes to set up the game by spawning items, traps and NPCs for the streamer to interact with. Anything that spawns can be either very helpful, such as a weapon the streamer can use to escape the police, or extremely harmful such as a bouncer who will knock out the player if they are in range.

Aside from given access to set up the game for the streamer, each viewer who has interacted actively is given an in-game NPC. These NPCs earn the viewer points for the action the viewer has performed or the actions the streamer achieved with the items they were given. The more explosive the action, the more points the viewer will receive. At the end of the game, the viewer with the most points become the King of the Game and can challenge the streamer with objectives for the next party. It is entirely up to the King to determine just how challenging these objectives will be.

TinyBuild and Pinokl Games have turned watching a stream into a game of its own, by allowing viewers to gain points for in-game interactions with the streamer, creating a huge battlefield for the viewers as they fight their way to the title of King of the Game. The question that remains now is, will the viewers support the streamer by handing out useful items, or will they cause mayhem? Check out the rundown on the Twitch Integration and prepare yourselves.

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