The Myth of Empires New Year Event Details, Rewards, Sky Lanterns

The Myth of Empires New Year Event Details, Rewards, Sky Lanterns

The Myth of Empires is a Survival-crafting MMO game that challenges players to construct and maintain an empire while competing against other players. Even though the experience is quite absorbing, a few flaws prevent it from being truly great.

The new survival-crafting MMO Myth of Empires is from Angela Game. In the beginning, I wasn’t a massive fan of MOE. I don’t personally enjoy survival crafting games. While playing them, I get bored quickly. Despite this, MOE is very absorbing and does many things right.

I feel like it’s not particularly engaging yet, but we’ll talk about it later. It does what it’s supposed to do very well, but it does hold your interest very long. Please keep in mind that this game is still in Early Access, so many of the details here may change in the future.

The New Year event has just launched in Myth of Empire, and the players are incredibly excited about it. In addition to adding content to the game, this event also adds new outfits and modes. This guide will focus on the New Year event for Myth of Empires.

You should attend the celebrations until the 3rd of January to be part of the celebrations. You will have the opportunity to gain tons of rewards during this time, making your progress much easier and faster. In light of this, let’s talk about the new year’s event in Myth of Empires.

The Myth of Empires New Year Event

Make sure you participate in this event right now by updating your game. It’s extremely fun to play with your friends this time since the rewards you receive are beneficial for the whole team. Let’s have a look at what’s new in the game.

New Year Outfit

To obtain fragments for the New Year Outfit, players must complete daily quests. You can unlock the outfit after you have collected 30 fragments. The outfit is both cool and intimidating at the same time. Right-click it in the equipment panel’s outfit mode to unlock this outfit.

Besides, you can also use Myth of Empires Copper Coins to unlock various rewards, outfits and items. However, there are various methods to get copper coins, still many people recommend buying the coins as it is one of the easiest and fastest ways.

If you also plan to Buy Myth of Empires Copper Coins, you should try the MMOPixel as it is a trusted website. With MMOPIXEL, getting in-game currency is easy and fast. While playing MoE, you can do fun stuff rather than farming coins incessantly.

The myth of Empires will probably consist of 90% gathering, as it does in most survival games. Your first task is to create an ax and a hammer out of the rocks and sticks around you to gather.

As you expand your empire, you will break boulders, harvest trees, hunt animals, and gather crafting materials all over the world. You can pick up some things, while the majority of harvesting is done with tools hitting parts of nature. By hitting the contextual button prompt near the objects, you can collect grass, loose rubble, and branches.

The system works fairly well. Aside from that, there is something very satisfying about building in Myth of Empires. Unlike traditional wall building, you see each piece fall into place from the sky like pieces of wood Tetris. Just like in Tetris, you cannot move the pieces once they’ve fallen.

Snowball Fighting

This New Year event introduces a fun mechanic in Myth of Empires. To unlock snowballs, you must complete daily quests. To give your allies a small boost, throw these items at them. It increases their maximum stamina, maximum health, and regeneration rate for about 20 seconds.

Sky Lantern

The Sky Lanterns are the last thing being added to this update. The sky lanterns will gently float in the sky starting December 23rd at 16:30 UTC. You can collect treasure chests with them, and they look visually pleasing. The lanterns contain four main treasures. The rewards are as follows:

  • There is a Big and a Small Red Packet. If you open the red package, you can find Turtle Coins of White Metal, Quenching Essence, and Black Stone.
  • Adding firecrackers and lanterns to your New Year’s decorations
  • You will currently get the following fireworks: Outshine Flowers, , Purple & Red etc. You can ignite them with a torch.


In this update, you can also get cloud-piercing arrows if you defeat the higher-level warriors wandering the map. Several sky lanterns will appear at your location if you shoot this arrow in the sky.

As a result, you can unlock all the rewards and get numerous treasure chests. The rewards will help you progress and make the game more enjoyable.

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