The Navy joins the fray in War Thunder with World War Mode

The Navy joins the fray in War Thunder with World War Mode

Gaijin Entertainment has announced that the second season of World War Mode will soon come to War Thunder. This second season is called “Attack from the Sea” and as the name implies, it will also feature naval units!

This new season will see the US army defending the Philippine island of Luzon from the Imperial Japanese forces, while the Soviets will try to land their troops on the Crimean peninsula occupied by the Germans. Two inland battle scenarios, the Battle for Caen and Operation Nordwind will also be available.

Attack from the Sea will add new types of armies like coastal artillery, landing ships and boat, destroyer and cruiser squadrons. New types of battle sessions include the defense of landing unit convoys, air defense of coastal artillery and daring boat raids against heavy cruisers. The results of each battle will influence the situation on the strategy map and the outcome of the whole operation. In World War Mode, you can only use vehicles that actually participated in this historic battle.

Check out the trailer below for more info on the next season of War Thunder.

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