The Rise of eSports – The Major Video Game Tournaments

The Rise of eSports – The Major Video Game Tournaments

Over the last decade, eSports have become a modern trend that obtains more and more followers and attracts bigger and bigger investments. The rise of eSports has changed the entertainment industry once and for all. Apart from the gaming activities, eSports has also released a competitive side with eSport tournaments getting more public attention.

Considering the popularity of eSports among the younger population, it’s now crucial to understand its bright side. It usually comes with multiple competitions that bring a bunch of benefits. Let’s see what hides behind it!

What Stands behind eSports?

eSports is known as an activity in which two or more players compete in the virtual environment. The tournament can be carried out in a live or online format. During the pandemic, the latter became a more preferable format.

Even though the so-called competition gaming always refers to a particular video game, not every video game belongs to eSports. Thus, they must address a certain set of requirements. Here are some of them:

  • The confrontation between two or more participants or teams.
  • The competition on equal conditions for everyone.
  • The development of official leagues with official policies.

The most popular competitive video games like LoL, CS:GO, and Dota 2 have another distinctive feature – face-to-face or online communication with audiences. They become involved in the live-streams of the competition, as well as broadcasts on traditional media resources.

The Idea of eSports Tournaments

Esports tournaments are arranged for a large number of video games. These include professional and amateur events. However, there are a smaller number of them that attract an international audience. For example, League of Legends is probably the most popular subject to online gambling. League of Legends eSports is a top tournament in the market. Other tournaments such as Fortnite’s Dreamhack Duos have also gained immense popularity.

Just like traditional sports, tournaments are organized by leagues. For example, there are four professional eSports leagues in Europe. Each of them is dedicated to a particular video game. This makes it easy for players to decide on their eSports direction. Beyond these leagues, numerous tournaments are arranged by video game enthusiasts, making the general number of gaming tournaments hard to assess.

Professional teams also have pretty good chances of becoming popular athletes. Just take a look at the Vietnamese team GAM eSports or the Spanish organization G2 Gaming. They have gained an army of followers on Twitch.

The Appeal of eSports Tournaments

Esports tournaments have a great audience that involves millions of followers. The growth of competitive video games has consolidated them as an economic sphere with great potential and with lots of growth opportunities. But what does it take for eSports tournaments and eSports video games to become and remain popular?

In addition to the competitive interest that eSports tournaments evoke, they also provide extensive support for new technologies. The live streaming of tournaments, the development of communities around a video game, and the involvement of online personalities encourage the non-stop growing popularity of eSports. More and more business areas start benefiting from the opportunities provided by eSports as a market niche. By investing more money into eSports competitions, the sphere gets visually and contextually more attractive for players. So, the further growth isn’t going to make us wait for too long.

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