The Wolfpack (DVD) – Documentary Review
Follow Genre: Documentary
Director: Crystal Moselle
Distributor: Luminor
Duration: 84 minutes

The Wolfpack (DVD) – Documentary Review

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Raved about by several media and awarded at various festivals, The Wolfpack is a documentary that has not gone by unnoticed. The story about six brothers brought up in a confined space, with only movies as a window to the world sounds strangely interesting and truth be told, overall we did like what we saw.

the wolfpack

In the Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York, the Angulo family lives in their three bedroom apartment. With six sons and one daughter, they are quite a numerous family. Their parents met in South-America, he being a tourist guide, she an American hippie girl. They dreamed of moving to Scandinavia and bringing up their children surrounded by nature. Nonetheless, they ended up in New York, a crowded city, away from all the rest and peace they wanted. Their father believes it is best to have his children live a secluded life, away from the dangers of the city, as his own little commune. They hardly ever come out of the apartment, as he has the only key to the front door. The boys are home schooled by their mother, so even school can’t help them to socialize with others.

To kill time and see somewhat of the outside world, the brothers watch the thousands of films that their father has been collecting over the years. They start to write the scripts of some of their favorite movies out, such as Reservoir Dogs or Pulp Fiction, and the brothers reenact entire scenes. With costumes made out of cardboard, duct tape, old clothes and even yoga mats, they become their character.

The wolfpack 2

When one day their father forgets to lock the door, one of them escapes into the city, which eventually opens up the door for all of them to go and explore the outside world, after fourteen years of seclusion.

Director Crystal Moselle met the six brothers in 2010 in New York, dressed like the men from Reservoir Dogs, and immediately intrigued, she approached them to know their story. She followed them around, mostly in the apartment, and caught their story on tape.

The Angulo brothers’ story is quite an extraordinary one, to say the least. Honestly, we were quite surprised that they came out of this situation as such ‘normal’ boys. It can’t have been easy to live without any social contact, except with each other. Nonetheless, what did strike us was that the film never pushes you in any direction and leaves a lot of room for the boys to talk about their experience in a quiet way, without portraying their parents as bad people. They might not agree with most of the choices their father made, they are still quite forgiving, and certainly their mother gets a lot of credit still, as she was in the same position as her children, not being able to go out as she pleased. Mostly thanks to their mother, they did grow up in a loving home. In this documentary you can truly witness the evolution of the boys and see how they all make something of their life, be it with a special love for films that they all have in them.

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Added to the bonus features are two short films, which are completely made by the Angulo brothers. These short films have quite a different style to them, but after watching the documentary, they do make sense. Also a making of of one of the short films is included. Further you can also enjoy an interview with the brothers and with the director, and witness their first trip to L.A.. In short, you get a lot of interesting extras that will keep you occupied for quite some time.


The Wolfpack shows an unusual story about six brothers who only had film as a window to the world for so long, yet it shows us in a very simple, quiet way, letting the protagonists tell their story, rather than forcing a view upon you when you watch the documentary. Unusual? Sure, but honestly brought nonetheless.

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