Theatrhythm Final Bar Line available now

Theatrhythm Final Bar Line available now

Time to get your groove on in the newest rhythm action game from SQUARE ENIX with Theatrhythm Final Bar Line. In the base game, you will ensemble your dream team with over 100 playable characters and play through 385 music tracks from the Final Fantasy franchise.

In Theatrhythm Final Bar Line you’ll embark on an adventure and your success will be measured by how well you hit those notes. Enjoy the fighting in the background while jamming to the many beloved songs in the entire Final Fantasy franchise and others. Not only will you be treated with nice combat scenes but also snippets from the various games.

If you need more content to keep you going then you can always grab the Digital Deluxe or Premium Digital Deluxe Edition.

Key features of these editions:

  • The Digital Deluxe edition comes with 27 extra tracks and Season Pass 1 with songs from the series SaGa, LIVE A LIVE, The World Ends with You and NieR. This complete set has a total of 442 tracks.
  • The Premium version gives all the content from the normal Deluxe Edition and adds Season Pass 2, 3 and additional songs from Octopath Traveler, the Mana series, Xenogears and more. This is all for a total of 502 tracks.

If you are unsure if this game is something up your alley then know that you can always try the free demo on PlayStation 4 and Switch that have 30 songs including some from Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy XV.

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