Things to Know about CS:GO Betting

Things to Know about CS:GO Betting

Over the last decade, betting has been practiced around the world. More and more people decide to try their luck in this sphere. With the rapid development of online betting, things got even easier.

If you want to have some fun and earn some money, you should consider CS:GO betting. This video game is incredibly popular. So, why not to get the maximum benefit out of it? At, you will be able to bet on your favorite CS:GO teams and players. No need to say how much fun, thrill, and excitement you can add to your everyday life.

CS:GO is considered to be one of the most beloved representatives of the betting industry. Thanks to its in-game cosmetic items, players can easily wager their skins through various third-party sites with just a few limits. The absolute legality of the game has already attracted more than two million followers worldwide. If you are one of them, you know how enjoyable the game can be. Make sure to focus on the game and upcoming events for betting. Here are some things to know about CS:GO betting.

Map-specific winners

The gaming routine of CS:GO is based on the standard prediction of the next winner. In addition to multiple CS:GO’s official games from the best-of-three series, players can also use other options to predict the winners of each particular game in a series. Compared to esports and traditional sports, the players of CS:GO have to deal with different maps. They can check out the patterns in map drafts to explore the teams’ fight against each other.

Maps integrated in a series of handicaps

The series in CS:GO is usually contested in the best-of-three way. It means 2.5 over/under handicapping towards the general number of maps. In a best-of-three gaming session, this functionally can be slightly limited. However, the situation can be different if bookies take action on “odds or evens” for the general number of maps involved in a series.

Final score of a series

Guessing the exact score of a series is based on your ability to predict the value of upcoming events. If you manage to see a fairly important favorite, the bookie will pay out underdog money.

Number of maps used by a team in a series

The similar line can be used in different ways by the same bookie. You can notice this by checking the number of maps used by a team during a series of games. For example, the best-of-three series between Natus Vincere and Team Liquid makes odd-makers choose the number of maps every team can win during the series.

Gaming sessions taken place on a map handicap

CS:GO games take place in 30 separate rounds, with the first team consisting of 16 rounds on the map. Like “spreads” in traditional sports, CS:GO betting can be manipulated up and down through the margin of points for teams. Different betting resources provide different options for choosing one’s own spread for games.

The majority of CS:GO events have overtime. However, the specific events tend to release maps intended for a draw. Just take a look at the BLAST Pro Series. It has more than several draws at the past group stages.

Map pistol round 1 and 2 winner

CS:GO titles are split into several parts, with each team consisting of 15 rounds on offense and 15 on defense. At the beginning of each half, players have to go through a “pistol round” with a minimal amount of money at stake. All these rounds are crucial in terms of gaining a benefit both in the direct and psychological aspects. As a result, bookies have to demonstrate a special approach to the gaming result. With many lines, players can take over the pistol session for available maps or other bonuses.

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