Things You Should Consider Before Buying a PlayStation 4

Things You Should Consider Before Buying a PlayStation 4

The PlayStation 4 was rolled on November 15th, 2013. And if you are thinking about investing in it, there are a lot of things to know about it. In this blog, we are sharing all the things that you need to know about the same –

  1. Inside the Box

It features a DualShock 4 controller, HDMI cable and power cable, and a micro-USB cable charger. It features a mono headset that provide access to voice chat. Understanding the content inside the box is important for many reasons.

The HDMI is the primary connection with which the PS4 operates. Although you may have upgraded your television, the console will not function efficiently with older sets. Moreover, the DualShock boast a charging cable.

However, if you have purchased the controllers from outside, they do not come with one. Although plenty of gamers might already own micro-USB cables, you have to take care of the charging situation.

Even when you buy from a cheap ps4 console store, you get tons of variations in the console. These changes can be in the shape and size of the console, along with its performance and storage capacity.

  1. Storage Availability

The space on the hard drive is another factor that you should be considering when buying a PS4. It refers to the space on the console that secures all the games and other information.

The PlayStation 4 comes integrated with a 500 GB hard drive, whereas the previous version has space of 20GB, 60GB, or 80GB. While 500GB storage space seems like a lot, there has been a massive increase in the games as well.

In fact, for high-end triple-A titles, the next-generation game can take up to 40 GB of space. Moreover, Sony needs the games to be installed through a disc.

  1. Play Quality With Media

One of the biggest selling points of PlayStation 3 was its compatibility with all media. It could play with MP3s, CDs, and work as a Media box for DLNA, a device classless media server.

Unfortunately, this interface ability is not available in the PlayStation 4. This announcement received a lot of criticism and upset gamers worldwide.

  1. Do Not Overlook the Day-One Patch

As soon as you get the console out of the box, it needs a patch. It unlocks various prominent features of the console like streaming content to a PlayStation Vita, sharing games online, downloading games in the background, etc. This 300 MB patch is a must if you wish to play Blu-rays or DVDs.

 The Need for PlayStation Plus

PS Plays, the annual membership service by PlayStation, is imperative to get the best online experience. In the PS3, the online play was a free feature; however, the PS4 moved to a subscription service, with an annual fee of $60.

The subscription provides you with good games and coupons from time to time. Contrary to Xbox One, the PS4 is not compatible with older game disks. But you can get PS2 classic online via the digital store for $14.

When you are equipped with essential knowledge, you can make better decisions.

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