This is no longer a joke! Cuisine Royale released on Steam

This is no longer a joke! Cuisine Royale released on Steam

What started out as an April Fool’s Joke turned into an actual real game. Gaijin Entertainment and Darkflow Software released their all-kitchen-warfare MMO shooter Cuisine Royale on Steam. Add to that that you can get the game for free for a limited period of time (until July 2nd), you get a guaranteed success. The game currently ranks as #3 in Steam’s “New and Trending” section among Free-to-Play Games.

Cuisine Royal employs a Battle Royale deathmatch mode. Armed with nothing but their skivvies, players must try to find World War II weaponry including your typical pistols, rifles, melee weapons etc. but also your less typical kitchen utensils such as cooking pots and waffle makers. These kitchen utensils will reach their full potential in Cuisine Royale, like you’ve never seen before! Why not use a colander to protect your head or a waffle maker to protect against the bigger weapons such as heavy machine guns. Your kitchen gear can of course be multi functional. Why only use your pancake pan as a shield when you can also use it to hit other players. Other items found in the battlefield include a medical dropper to accelerate health regeneration, a set of glasses to increase weapon accuracy and chewing on a cuban cigar to appear real tough and withstand more physical punishment.

Maybe you’ll run into Loot Boxes while walking around the battlefield. These are free and come in the form of fridges, containing food to increase your health, weapons and other equipment.

Developer Darkflow Software has already announced additional features to follow the game’s successful launch, including the soon to be released squad feature for cooperative play and character customization options.

Watch the trailer for Cuisine Royale below!


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