Thrustmaster T300RS – Hardware Review
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Developer: Thrustmaster
Publisher: Thrustmaster
Platform: PS4, PS3, PC

Thrustmaster T300RS – Hardware Review

Good: Great design, Force Feedback, Quality, Sturdy
Bad: Clickers, Harder to reach buttons
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Last November we presented you with our opinion of the high end TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 edition. This Thrustmaster developed product proved to be a great peripheral for racing games, if you had a decent budget available. Luckily the PlayStation owners also got a chance to own a great steering wheel, and thus the T300RS was released. As the T300RS is almost the same steering wheel as its Xbox One counterpart, it’s highly unlikely that we won’t be treated to a quality piece, once again. It seems we need to go off-road again, digitally that is.






Design wise the T300RS looks nothing like the TX Racing Wheel, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Whilst the Sony version of the racing peripheral is not a replica of an existing Ferrari steering wheel, it accessorizes the PlayStation 4 and 3 quite well with its simple, sleek black design.

The steering wheel itself has a simple black finish, and the necessary PlayStation buttons incorporated in the design. You will notice the leather finish and certain small curves on the frame to add even more detail to this original design.

When it comes to the base of the device, you’ll see that it’s pretty much the same as the Xbox One version. It’s a simple looking base, but as you will not really be looking at it during your racing adventures, you don’t actually need a lot of details for it to look ‘good’.

The pedals are quite simple, but they have a spiffy metallic finish. Again Thrustmaster avoided the typical Ferrari look, like many of their other items, and decided to go back to basics. In this case, ‘the basics’ actually look great.

Overall Thrustmaster succeeded in making a good looking steering wheel, from scratch. Whilst the device itself looks quite simple, the entire piece looks great.


As this is not a budget priced item, the aspect of comfort should be well treated as well. The leather coating on the wheel makes sure you have a soft, but firm grip when things get a little more rough. When you enable the force feedback, the extra padding and grip will make sure the wheel does not slip out of your hands.


The T300RS has a round shaped steering wheel, compared to the more angular shaped version of the Xbox One Ferrari 458 edition. It has to be said, that the round shape actually feels a bit more comfortable, especially when you let the steering wheel slowly slip through your hands. This makes it easier to let the wheel reset itself after a few tricky corners.

To add up to the feeling of realism, the pedals have a decent amount of resistance to them. You will notice it’s quite easy to adjust the amount of power you wish to force upon the pedals. This makes it easier to control your speed or even brake ever so slightly when the time calls for it. That being said, it would have been quite nice if the base of the pedals had been weighed down a bit more. It might be best to place them against something heavy, so they can’t slide away when you are going all out.

Because the T300RS is also a steering wheel with Force Feedback it is advised to attach it to a table, desk or small stool, for it to become extra comfortable. Of course, you can place it on your lap, but when doing so, you will lack the stability for a precise racing experience. The necessary tools are provided in order for you to attach the steering wheel to a more solid base.

Even though the overall picture is extremely comfortable, the ‘clickers’ on the backside of the steering wheel feel of a bit of a poorer quality. Although the Xbox One version had more rounded clickers that had a very comfortable feel, the T300RS provides you with clickers that prove to be a bit ‘sharper’. Not only do they lack the comfort of the Xbox One version, they also feel a bit more flimsy.

Another small hiccup may be the fact that, due to the round shape of the steering wheel and the smaller surface in the middle, it’s harder to reach the buttons. This is especially annoying for gamers with smaller hands, especially if one of the normal buttons provides a function you will have to use a lot during races.



  • Force feedback
  • Detachable wheel (Thrustmaster Quick Release System)
  • “Ecosystem ready” (Interchangeable parts)
  • Ultra precise
  • Adjustable angle of rotation (270° – 1080°)
  • Internal memory and upgradeable firmware
  • Also compatible with PC and PS3


Connecting the T300RS will point itself out for the most part. First you will want to connect the steering wheel itself to the motorized base. It’s pretty much a case of clicking on the steering wheel, and screwing it on tightly. This mechanism was put in place to give you the option of purchasing other compatible steering wheels, in order to spice up your racing set-up. After connecting the wheel, you will need to collect the pedals you wish to use. If you get sick of the ones that are in the base package, you will be able to purchase other ones that can also be connected with the T300RS. When everything is connected, you simply need to plug in the device in your console or PC and of course the power supply.

It’s easy to say that the T300RS is as precise as the TX Racing Wheel. The device will pick up small movements easily, without any delay. You will be able to navigate yourself through the different courses quite swimmingly, even in different genres, such as arcade or simulation. The force feedback will also track every movement and thus it will react accordingly when going off-road, be it only with one wheel.

Backwards compatibility might not be the exact term, but the T300RS is also compatible with the PlayStation 3 (and PC), which makes it great for gamers who did not have the heart to get rid of their ‘old’ console. Seeing the PS3 had many top racing games, it might be a great chance to add another layer of realism to some of your older titles. That being said, if you decide to give your library of old games some extra love, make sure the switch is on PlayStation 3 mode, otherwise the device will not work. (PC usage proves to be a simple matter of plug and play.)

Again, thanks to the high rotation angle, you’ll be able to set up the extent of the angle that will be available during actual gameplay. Would you rather have a F1 set up, or something more loose, you’ll have to configure the device. Luckily Thrustmaster presents you with an easy step-by-step manual on their official website.


Thrustmaster’s T300RS, just like the TX Racing Wheel is a great total package. You will receive a greet steering wheel, with force feedback, precision, great design and comfort. Of course this comes at a price, but you will have a great asset for your racing arsenal. If you get tired of certain parts you can simply replace them with other add-ons. A definite must have for the PlayStation 4 racing enthusiast.

Note: Also check out our TH8A review, if you wish to learn more about a fun add-on.

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Thrustmaster T300RS - Hardware Review, 9.5 out of 10 based on 10 ratings


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